Muslims in the U.S. Attacking Our Power-Grid & Muslim Nation's See U.S. Foreign Aid As Jizya or Payment Not To Attack Us



The following is a transcript of the Worldview Weekend Hour with host Brannon Howse 


Muslims are in the U.S. attacking our power-grid? Very likely. And Muslim nation's see U.S. foreign aid as jizya or payment not to attack us? What is going to happen when, and if, Trump cuts off that Jizya? We will get to that in this program in a moment but first listen to this. 


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Female:    Snipers using AK-47s attacking a California power station in the dead of night, an attack some are calling a terror test run that wen virtually unnoticed until now. In a front page Wall Street Journal investigation, a retired federal regulator describes the assault at a PG&E transmission substation last year as quote, the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred. The substation near San Jose funnels power to Silicon Valley homes, and some of the largest technology companies in the world.  


    A Wall Street Journal timeline shows the assault on April 16 last year started just before 1:00 a.m. when the attackers cut telephone wires near the plant. At 1:31 in the morning, snipers opened fire apparently targeting transformer's cooling systems. Ten minutes later a power plant operator called 911. At 1:45, the transformers started crashing. By 1:50, the attack was over, and the gunmen vanished. 


    A minute later, police arrived, but they couldn't enter the locked gate, so they ended up leaving. At 3:50 in the morning, a utility electrician arrived to check out the damage. No one has been arrested or charged, but this certainly has rattled the industry. Joining me now is Chad Sweet who is with the CIA and served as Chief of Staff for Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. He's also the cofounder and managing principal of the Chertoff Group, a global security firm that consults as part of their jobs with the electric power industry on ways to strengthen security. So Chad, great to have you today. Thank you. 


Male:    Thank you. Good to be with you. 


Female:    One industry expert describes this event as preparation for an act of war. Do you agree? 


Male:    Well, I think that you can't rule it out; however, if we think of terrorism, obviously normally, a terrorist would want to claim responsibility for the attack. It's been almost a year since the attack and no one has claimed responsibility. 


Female:    That's why they're saying it's a test run potentially, right, that they were just trying to test the system to see what they could accomplish. 


Male:    No, that's a fair point, and I think – so you can't rule that out. Now, the FBI has been investigating the incident. If you look at the sophistication of the attack, it certainly could suggest it's an insider attack. You had to know where these concealed fiber optic stations were to make the strategic cuts. The attackers clearly had sophisticated knowledge of where to shoot to know how to disable the cooling systems. So it is a very sophisticated attack by any account. 


[End of Video] 


And again, that's Fox News talking about that, and this, again, it happened in 2013. Ted Koppel who wrote the excellent book Lights Out which I highly recommend you get a copy of, and he spent two years researching this, and we've played the audio clips in previous programs about how concerned he is, and the many, many people he interviewed, I think some 65 experts, and he's so concerned he's been asked "What have you done?" and he said, "I've bought freeze-dried food," he said, "for my wife and I, my grown children, and his grandchildren ." So clearly he must have grown grandchildren as well. 


And he says it's not a matter of if, but when, and he expects us to have a hit on our country and our infrastructure through cyberattacks within the next ten years. And this book now is a couple of years old. So again, I think it came out in 2015. Yep, 2015. So this attack on the power substation in California, Ted Koppel writes about it. He says "The scene was shortly after 1:00 a.m. on April 16, 2013 at the Pacific Gas & Electric Company's Metcalf transmission substation a few miles south of San Jose, California." 


And the Wall Street Journal reporter, Rebecca Smith, has done a lot of reporting on this, by the way, Koppel writes, "Slightly more than half an hour after cutting communications," so they had to know where those lines were, "saboteurs attacked the actual substation and knocking out 17 giant transformers over the course of 19 minutes." He goes on to write in the book, Lights Out, the attack caused significant damage. It took utility workers 27 days to bring the substation back on line." 


By the way, experts say that if they had done this in nine other places strategically, they could have brought down the entire power grid of America. Now, it took them 27 days to bring this one back on line. Here's my question to you: What would happen in America if the power grid was down for 27 days? Again, we have three power grids. What if just one of the three were down? What if all three were down? What would you and your family do for 27 days? How are you gonna get groceries? How are you gonna heat or cool your home? 


Then there's the issue of the fact that the average grocery stores have about three days' worth of food in any given American city. Then there's the just-in-time inventory. Then there's the social unrest. Then there's the medical treatment. Then there's the radios for first responders. Again, this is why experts are saying your family should be ready for this. 


This doesn't even take into account the issues when it comes to the nuclear power plants which we'll get into, the water treatment plants which we talked about last week, or the issue of banks being closed in order to reset the currency due to some financial global crisis. So again, the question is, "What is your family doing?" I was very aware of these things back many years ago, and in 2007, as I've been telling you over the last two programs, I've been personally preparing for things so that I am ready to provide and protect my family. 


Now, you don't need to go crazy. You don't need to go over the top. You need to be balanced. I think the key word here is balance. Balance, balance, balance. But you better be prepared for something, for all these things, any one or two of them you could be prepared for, not to mention the natural disasters. 


Koppel goes on to write, "Jon Wellinghoff, who was Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at the time of the attack remains unconvinced that this was not really a big deal or unconvinced that the power grid is not at risk. He thinks the power grid is at risk. He thinks the attackers may have been engaging in a rehearsal rather than a comprehensive sabotage operation. 


By the way, remember when I had former CIA Intelligence Officer Peter Pry on my radio program, who's an expert on this, and runs and EMP task force for Homeland Security, of the Homeland Security, not the government agency, but related to Homeland Security, that's the name of his task force, Peter Pry, former CIA Intelligence Officer, he said concerning this that he believed it could have well been Iranian special forces. 


Well, here's an article from November 2, 2016 from the Free Beacon in D.C., out of Washington, D.C., military leader, "Iran sending elite fighters into U.S. and Europe, Iranian Special Forces." Well, he went on to tell us on my radio program that hundreds of Iranian special forces are already here in America, and he believed that it could've very well been Iranian special forces that did this in order to send a message to America related to our attacking their uranium enrichment program, along with Israel, through Stuxnet as we discussed in the last program. 


So the head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission thinks the attackers may have been engaging in a rehearsal rather than a comprehensive sabotage operation . While he was still chairman of FERC, Wellinghoff assembled a team of experts from the U.S. Navy's Dahlgren Surface Warfare Center which trains Navy Seals and took them out to the Metcalf substation. What they found among other things was the shell casings left behind were free of fingerprints. 


They discovered small piles of rocks at key locations outside the substation and concluded that these might have been placed by advanced scouts establishing the most advantageous shooting locations. The experts concluded, as Wellinghoff told the Wall Street Journal, that, quote, it was a targeting package just like the Seals would put together for an attack, end quote. 


Wellinghoff's concern is that the attack on the Metcalf substation may have been a dry run for a far more devastating attack of sabotage. Wellinghoff cited analysis by a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission council concluding that if nine, nine of the country's most critical substations were knocked out at the same time, it could cause a blackout encompassing most of the United States. My friends, that's pretty serious, is it not? Very serious. And yet, watch this clip. 


[Video playing] 


Female:    In an update on a story we brought you yesterday, a top former energy official claims an attack on an American power grid was terrorism. One or more snipers opened fire in April knocking out 17 transformers that send power to California's Silicon Valley. Officials moved the flow of electricity to another site to stop a blackout, but the man who chaired the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at the time tells CBS news it could be an omen for a future attack. 


Male:    We have risks on physical security that were evidenced by this attack that have not yet been addressed that need to be addressed, in my opinion, immediately. 


[End of video] 


Now, let's watch a short video clip from Judge Jeanine on Fox News, she did a whole hour, I think maybe it may have even been two hours, but certainly – I think it was actually a two-hour special on EMPs, electromagnetic pulse bombs, cyberattacking and other things, and she covered this topic of physical attacks on our electric power grid and sub trans-stations with a former special forces member that used to actually take out the power plants in other countries when he was part of a special forces team with our U.S. military. Watch this clip. 


[Video playing] 


Female:    Joining me now is former Navy Seal Christopher Mark Heben. Chris, thanks for being with us. 


Male:    Thanks for having me, judge. 


Female:    You were a Navy Seal for more than a decade. 


Male:    That's correct. 


Female:    You have experience with the grid. What can you tell us about it? 


Male:    The power grid is amazingly easy to dismantle. As an unconventional warfare specialist, I was trained to dismantle and take down power grids in other countries. Believe me, it doesn't take a doctorate from MIT to figure out how to make an EMP device that will take down not only a substation which this is right here, but the transmission stations and the distribution stations. With several EMPs placed properly, in the right locations, utilizing a cell phone device with an RFD technology which is remote firing device technology, could bring down 15 transmissions _____ at one time. 


Female:    With a cell phone? 


Male:    With a cell phone. Absolutely. 


Female:    So you don't have to be that smart, that sophisticated or anything to take down power systems? 


Male:    Technically, no. 


Female:    All right. And so what do you do to prevent that kind of thing from happening? 


Male:    Well, we utilize what's called red cell tactics, techniques and procedures where we go into installations and do what's called a threat and vulnerability assessment after we've attacked the installation and show them where their weaknesses are. I've done that as a Seal. I've done that as a civilian with my own business. Now, what oftentimes happens, unfortunately, is the powers that be don't take the recommendations that you give them seriously for whatever reason. 


    And what we're seeing now, we have what's called the Federal Energy – the FERC. 


Female:    FERC, right. 


Male:    It's a regulatory commission for energy, and it's made up of guys who are desk jockeys, former FBI agents who have never been downrange, they're not changed in unconventional warfare. They took a class for two days or three days, and now they're putting them in charge of this energy commission. That's ridiculous. 


Female:    Well, you say when you do a report assessing the vulnerabilities of these particular substations or transmission centers, I mean, what happens to those reports? 


Male:    They sit on a desk, they get looked at, they get tossed around, they say, "Wow, these recommendations are too costly or we'll just point out we're not gonna do them because they're gonna affect our bottom line," and that's usually what happens. You know, there's cameras _____ everywhere, but a camera without a person behind it, is a dead camera. 


    And you can't take someone who worked at Walmart yesterday and looked at a camera, and then put them on a commission and say "now they're a security expert." That's just basically what we're seeing when they put an FBI non-field agent in charge of these programs. This operation that took place in San Jose was one or two guys probably did it. 


Female:    Right, right, and of course that's the one with the AK-47s, and they shot for 20 minutes, and they took out the whole substation almost. 


Male:    As a seal, those were some techniques that I would've utilized in order to make that happen.


[End of Video] 


Now, again, notice, they had to know where the coolant system was, and they shot it out so that the system would overheat and then create a problem. So they knew exactly what they were doing. Could this have been an inside job as one expert we heard from a while ago suggested? Could it be an inside job? As we're gonna hear in just a few minutes, experts are warning, Muslims, who don't have good intentions, are infiltrating some of the most secure jobs that relate to our infrastructure. Interesting. 


Also notice that he said that these cameras, some of them don't have anyone watching them live. They're only there to film what happens after the fact. Why do we not have these transmission substations being monitored by an army of people sitting in a room with cameras monitoring them ready to pick up the phone and call the police, 911, a hotline to the police in that state, in that city, in that county, the minute they see something? 


And again, this is just basic commonsense. But part of the problem, folks, is that we're not spending the government money for security and protection, which is the first responsibility of government; we're spending it clearly on things like being a welfare entitlement state and given billions, literally folks, billions, if not trillions of dollars a year, to Muslim nations as foreign aid which really is jizya. Go research that as we have with Usama Dakdok. Jizya. 


We pay these Muslim nations, I think money called jizya, as the Muslims understand it, to leave them alone. And as long as we pay them billions of dollars in jizya, they don't bother us. Again, a lot of money being spent in other places that should be spent to protect our homeland. Now again, if you don't think this is a big deal and a serious threat, we've heard from the former CI Director James Woolsey, we've heard from former Navy Seals like that young man we just heard from, we've heard from former CIA Intelligence Officer Peter Pry, we've heard from Ted Koppel, we've heard from Fox News, CBS, "60 Minutes," PBS' "Nova," another program on PBS. We've played a lot of clips. 


Now, I don't agree with everything this guy stands for at all. In fact, I wrote about him in my book Religious Trojan Horse, and some of his views that I totally disagree with, but I do agree with some of his views, and I agree with this clip by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich when he talked about just how serious the threat is to our infrastructure. Watch this clip. 


[Video playing] 


Male:    I want to thank Maine legislator Andrea Bolin who's been a real leader in getting her state to adopt model legislation on electromagnetic pulse protecting the people of Maine. I also want to thank Frank Gaffney who's been a national leader fighting tirelessly to inform the American people of the very genuine danger of an electromagnetic pulse attack. 


    This could be one of the most catastrophic events we've ever seen, and in some ways would be even worse than a nuclear weapon in a single city because it could literally paralyze the whole country. It's a scientific fact. Virtually every physicist who's looked at it agrees it is a real danger. 


    And we've learned recently that danger's compounded because the sun routinely produces waves that if they hit us at the right time and the right strength, can basically create the equivalent of an electromagnetic pulse attack. 


    This actually happened in 1859 when electricity was pretty limited in its use, but the telegraph was knocked out and it's pretty clear that that particular wave, if it hit today, with the amount of smartphones and computers, and electronics in our car, etc., would be a disastrous event that would cause enormous amount of damage and put us in a very difficult situation. 


    The Shield Act, introduced by Congressman Trent Franks, is a very important federal step in the right direction. I hope you will go home and ask your Congressman to support and to cosponsor the Shield Act as an important step in the right direction, and I hope you will adopt the resolution which has been introduced for you to support the general principal, both at the federal level and the state level, of helping protect us from an electromagnetic pulse attack. 


    Again, I thank all of you for taking time to focus on this important issue. I look forward to working with you, and I think this is critical to our country's safety and our country's future. 


[End of Video] 


Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. And again, I don't agree with him on everything, that's for sure, but I sure appreciate his also joining the chorus of voices warning the American people about how dire the situation is to our infrastructure and this is a major national security issue, and one again that we are playing catchup on. 


We're so far behind, and it looks like we're gonna have a president being sworn in, in January of 2017 that is listed, as we saw at the beginning of the program, at the top of his priority list, hardening our infrastructure, but it's gonna take many months, if not years, and again, if things keep getting held up in Congress, passing the House, held up in the Senate, so there's a battle at hand. 


And folks, you better be preparing on your own, as I said, not only for what could be sun flares, solar flares he just talked about, a physical attack on substations, shooting out substations as we talked about, hitting their coolant system that causes them to go down. We read from Ted Koppel if they hit nine, just nine of these on the same night, it could've brought down the whole grid. Then we have the issue of hacking. 


Then we have the issue of banking. And again, we'll get into some of the issues with that in our program next week related to what's going on globally with Central Banks and the International Monetary Fund, and what may be coming very, very quickly on a global scale that I think also has Biblical implications related to the biblical prophecies that tell us in the scripture there will be a one-world economy, there will be a one-world government, and maybe the stage is being set for these Bible prophesies to be fulfilled. 


So again, let me just simply say, I began doing some preparation and preparing for my family in 2007 on many of these things. I kept quiet about it because I wasn't quite convinced that some of you would understand why I was preparing, but when Frank Gaffney, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, former CIA Director James Woolsey, Peter Pry, former CIA intelligence officer, Ted Koppel and many others are coming out and talking about these things, I believe it, as I said in the last program, gave me the ability to talk about it without people thinking I'm wearing some kind of tinfoil hat. 


So as a result, I've been revealing to you some of the things I've been doing since 2007, very simple things that I can budget for along the way, to be ready should the power go out, should they declare a banking holiday and I can't get money, I can't withdraw money, I can purchase things for a few days or longer. I don't want to be vulnerable. And so again, I've been sharing with you some of the things I've done, and we've put some of those items that I have purchased for my family, and some new items that I have researched and found, and I wanted to get the very best resources available, quality things, for my family, and then if you want them as well, we've put them in our bookstore at 


Again, you can buy these things anywhere. That's fine if you wanna go buy them somewhere else. If you wanna buy them from us, you can. We have become distributors of some of these products meaning we called up the manufacturer, and we said, "Hey, we have a radio show, we have a TV show. We would like to buy these at a discount, offer them to our listening friends, and in doing so, help support our general operating budget so we can continue to produce more radio shows, and more TV shows" because again, we don't charge any of the folks that sit at this desk to produce their show. 


We pay for their airfare, their hotel, we feed them, we produce their show, we distribute it, we pay for the bandwidth, the app for Roku, the app for iPhone, iPad and android. We pay for all that. And the only way we can generate those revenues is three ways, either you're a member of the Situation Room, you contribute to our Worldview Weekend Foundation, or you purchase items in our bookstore. And so we've added more items to our bookstore, things that we think you need. We've done the research, we've done the homework. We've only chosen good quality things. 


In fact, one or two of the things I have added to our bookstore are clothing. One is a conceal-carry jacket, if you have conceal-carry permit, and you'd like a jacket that allows you to carry your handgun. I ordered one of the jackets from a distributor that we work with ordering other items, and I wanted to see what the quality was of this jacket. My wife was very impressed with the quality of the jacket. You know, wives tend to know more about material and clothing, and quality construction of clothing than men, and when my wife looked over it, she said "This is a really quality jacket." 


And so we have even simple things like that in our bookstore at , and you can check out all the different resources at Now, let's keep moving quickly. We've got a lot to cover. Watch this next clip. 


[Video playing] 


Female:    In an update on a story we brought you yesterday, a top former energy official claims an attack on an American power grid was terrorism. One or more snipers opened fire in April knocking out 17 transformers that send power to California's Silicon Valley. Officials moved the flow of electricity to another site to stop a blackout, but the man who chaired the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at the time tells CBS News it could be an omen for a future attack. 


Male:    We have risks on physical security that were evidenced by this attack that have not yet been addressed that need to be addressed, in my opinion, immediately. 


[End of video] 


And that is the former head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission who was in that position when that attack happened, and he's taking it very seriously, is he not. Now, I want you to watch this next clip. This is from Dr. Sebastian Gorka who you see on Fox News all the time, an expert on Islam and terrorism, and I want to you listen how he talks about how ISIS is in America. They are already in America. They already arrested some 124 individuals connected to ISIS here in the United States of America. And folks, they're flooding over our border. 


And by the way, when we're filming here on November 27, 2016, there are multiple reports that the Obama administration has now pulled off aerial footage, aerial monitoring, like drone monitoring of our nation's border on the Mexico-Texas border, and the migrants, the immigrants are flooding over that border, and we know that one area on the Texas-Mexico border is about 60 miles long, I think, where ISIS members are flooding through, terrorists are flooding through. 


Folks, don't think they're not rushing to get here before Trump is sworn into office and won't be in place to carry out something should they get orders to do so from their Islamic leaders overseas. Watch this next clip. 


[Video playing]


Male:    All right. Well, it's one of the biggest threats President Elect Trump will deal with when he takes the White House – terrorism. But even scarier than ISIS and al-Qaeda themselves is the fact that terror groups have operated, they are operating cells in Mexico, making it very easy to slip through the border into our country. Here to map out this threat, nobody better than the author of Defeating Jihad, Dr. Sebastian Gorka. Doctor, thanks for being here this morning. 


Male:    _____. 


Male:    Obviously a big election with a lot of change coming, but the threat looms and remains from ISIS and al-Qaeda. 


Male:    Correct. Yeah, absolutely. 


Male:    What are we seeing across – we're gonna pop it up on the map – what are you most concerned about as it pertains to that threat here in the United States? 


Male:    Well, as we discussed yesterday with Brian, we've had in just over two years, 124 arrests of ISIS, just ISIS terrorists in American. Now, we know there's actually some specificity to what's happening in the south. 


Male:    Sure. There's a specific portion in this map; where are we looking at? 


Male:    Let's go to the – 


Male:    Right down in here, right? 


Male:    Right down in here. 


Male:    Put it in context. I was just in Arizona. A border control agent came up to me proactively and said, "It's out of control. We don't have control of the border." which is not new news to our audience, but this might by new, specifically what we're looking at down here, doctor. 


Male:    Right. So here is this really troubling area. There's about a 60-mile stretch down here, the West Texas area towards New Mexico, just around here where the border is not secure. 


Male:    So near El Paso, yeah. 


Male:    Correct. And what we have here is reports, the State Department, D.C. tries to deny these, but when you talk to Judicial Watch that actually goes down there, talks to the local police officers, they say this area is being used by jihadis. Jihadis are cooperating with the local coyotes being smuggled across. There was one case where four ISIS terrorists were found to have used this area to cross into America. 


Male:    How does Judicial Watch know that? Where are they getting their information and what's the specificity? 


Male:    Right. So the Texas Department of Public Safety, and FOIA, and also from the Mexican authorities. One of the most disturbing things is on the mirror side of El Paso, right about here, there is the report of an ISIS training camp in Mexico. 


Male:    Wow. 


Male:    Yeah. 


Male:    So reports of an actual ISIS training camp – 


Male:    Right. 


Male:    – just on the other side of the border, attempting – 


Male:    Correct. 


Male:    – to utilize this porous portion here to come into the United States. 


Male:    And one last thing that really puts it all together, they have managed to find reports. Do you remember the first ISIS attack in America? 


Male:    Mm-hmm. 


Male:    Garland, Texas, that Mohammed art show, and they tried to killed Pamela Geller. 


Male:    Yep. 


Male:    And two guys were killed by the local police. An associate of those individuals said, "My ISIS brothers in Texas and Mexico assisted in that attack." 


Male:    Hmm. And we do know the drug cartels, at the right price, – 


Male:    Correct. 


Male:    – have been more than happy to work with jihadis to facilitate that. 


Male:    Think about it. You've got a smuggling route, okay. You're gonna use it, right, whether it's guns, whether it's immigrants – 


Male:    Sure. 


Male:    – whether it's drugs or whether it's a terrorist. 


Male:    You don't care, yeah. 


Male:    Right. Money. 


Male:    Money, and even with things like sanctuary cities, we seem to not care about the porousness of that. Dr. Sebastian Gorka, thank you very much for – 


Male:    Thank ______. 


Male:    – being with us, as always. 


[End of video] 


And as we have warned on radio, we are being told, and reading military and analyst reports that ISIS is paying for many of the tunnels that run from Mexico into Texas and Mexico into California, Mexico into San Diego, these underground tunnels that are used to run drugs, ISIS is reportedly paying for a lot of these. Remember, ISIS has $2 billion on hand making $4 to $5 million a day in their different crime enterprises, not to mention kidnapping and holding people for ransom, and then of course through oil. 


But the word is, ISIS is paying for many of these tunnels to be built for the drug cartels if they can then use them for terrorism. And we can do a whole program on that alone, but we must move very quickly because not only do we have ISIS working with the drug cartels right over our border, we have training camps here in the U.S. Even Bill O'Reilly is reporting on that. I wanna play that, but first, here's one more clip from Fox News of Dr. Gorka, or Sebastian Gorka. Watch this clip. 


[Video playing] 


Male:    Dr. Sebastian Gorka really wrote the book and the policy here in the U.S. about this, and you know Dr. Gorka well, especially the only book focused on the threat of Islam and where it came from, it's called Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War. So let's go win it. First, let's look at the threat, Dr. Gorka. Let's take a look at the U.S. 


Male:    Right. So let's start with the domestic threat, Brian. Here we have the United States. Just looking at this calendar year first nine months, the black states are where we have intercepted, picked up ISIS terrorists, and the really disturbing thing is that's January to September. Let's just add up to November. We've got four more states including places like Kentucky, Ohio where we're arresting ISIS terrorists here. 


Male:    _____ our understanding is, we think Orlando was the last hit. We think the San Bernardino was one of the first recently, but you're saying these have all been avoided because our guys and our men and women have been picking it up. 


Male:    Yeah, let's look at the gross numbers. Since the caliphate was declared just 2 ½ years ago from Mosul, we have killed or arrested 124 ISIS terrorists here in America. Not 24. 


Male:    Right. 


Male:    Not 34. One hundred and twenty-four. And as you can see it's distributed. 


[End of Video] 


One hundred and twenty-four ISIS terrorists arrested in America. Well, of course, our borders are porous, they're here. We already again have reports that military Special Forces for Iran are already here. Now, listen to Bill O'Reilly and his guest talk about how there are Muslims being trained here in the U.S. and Muslim groups and mosques here in America calling for arming Muslims. 


And again, can these individuals turn around and attack our infrastructure? Could some of them be infiltrating the law enforcement and security community? We're gonna cover that in our next transcript. 


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