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Where is Nancy Pelosi?  
If it's true that Democrats are poised to take control of Congress this next Tuesday, wouldn't you think the woman who is to be the next Speaker of the House would be speaking up?
Pelosi is usually polluting the airwaves with every kind of spin, hate, and angry remark she can make against our President, our troops, and those elected officials the people voted into majority to lead our country.
Why is she so quiet now?If Democrats win she'll be the first Woman Speaker of the House.  She'll also be the third in line for President should something happen to Bush and Cheney, and don't think Democrats aren't dreaming of those delectable ideas.   
Recently Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson were discussing with splendor the possibility of Democrats taking over the election this next Tuesday.     They spoke of possible investigations that Democrats would likely pursue if the election went their way.
Don't forget Democrats are still working to find a way to 'impeach' GW, so they can somehow vindicate Bill Clinton's impeachment.    If you think that's a scare tactic, see the following link.  It's one of several, complete with petitions and instructions.   Impeach Bush & Cheney
 If Democrats can impeach Bush, then they'll 'investigate' Cheney until they come up with something the American people will swallow and wahla, President Pelosi makes history again, as the first woman to sit in the oval office.     How will Hillary hold up?
Cokie stated it was a 'scare tactic' for Republicans to bring up the idea of Pelosi as Speaker.   Funny how facts become 'tactics' when one doesn't like the foundation of truth on which they are built.    
Why would Pelosi being Speaker scare Americans?   And why would Cokie know it's a scary topic and foolishly admit it when it's obviously something she and so many other talking heads are hoping for?   The answer:  because truth has a way of slipping out.   As much as one tries, you just can't suppress truth forever and the truth is a leftist extremist like Nancy Pelosi as Speaker is extremely SCARY.     Pelosi is 90.2%more liberal than her colleagues in the House. 
A recent op-ed piece in the Washington Times summarized Pelosi's voting record quite well.   She stands at a whopping 100% from NARAL, meaning she supports the horrific and never medically necessary practice of Partial Birth Abortion and even voted against parental notification.     She's all about choices to kill, but votes against parental choice in education by voting against vouchers and education IRA's.     
Pelosi will vote to defund and defeat our military by pulling forces out of <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Iraq.   She has repeatedly voted against missile defense, an equally frightening thought since North Korea sent America a loud message on the anniversary of our Nation's Independence by testing its nuclear weapons for the world to see.   Democrats like to blast the President's plan for war, but has anyone heard a Democrat plan for the war? 
Another issue that Democrats like to call a scare tactic is our National Security.    The fact is this Nation has NOT seen another terrorist attack carried out on American soil since 911.   Why do you suppose?   Terrorists are on holiday?    Just don't want to bother with America anymore?  No, it's because they haven't been able to carry a plan to fruition because of the very programs that Democrats like to stir outrage over, will likely defund, and as Sam Donaldson pointed out to Cokie, will probably set up elaborate investigations into their demise.
This Nation's security and the potential of danger is NOT a SCARE TACTIC, it's the SCARY TRUTH.    Terrorists hate America and losing the freedoms we stand for is not a SCARE TACTIC, but the SCARY TRUTH.      October being one of the deadliest months in Iraq was not a SCARE TACTIC, it was the unfortunate, ugly, SCARY TRUTH of what these terrorist would gladly do on American soil.    The demise of our military and our National Defense is NOT a SCARE TACTIC, it's the SCARY TRUTH.
Many Independent voters as well as the conservative base of the Republican Party are very unhappy with the lack of progress by our Republican controlled House and Senate.   Social Security, Immigration, Border Control, a Marriage Amendment, outrageous spending, all tends to anger value voters as it should.  However, two Supreme Court Justices, several pro-life bills passed for the first time since Roe v. Wade, adult stem cell research making great strides, some of the largest tax cuts in history, unemployment at five year low, national exports up due to the President having Trade-Promotion authority, which Pelosi voted against, and ten years of successful Welfare Reform, also voted against by Pelosi.  There are many things this Republican majority has accomplished, much of it in the face of a media that will do everything they can to distort and disrupt the work of Congress simply to deny Republicans any credit. 
If the windows in your home are letting in too much draft, do you burn the house down and move into a tent?   No, you replace the windows as you can.  Republicans, Independents, and all conservatives need to remember this philosophy and take extra effort in voting to keep sound policy makers in office and in control this Tuesday.  Then, Nov. 8th begin work replacing those 'leaky' Republicans who aren't blocking the 'wind from the left' and working to stop bad policy.   Otherwise, if Democrats take control we could all be moving into tents because we can no longer afford property taxes on our homes.  Scare tactic, you might think so unless you know the truth, then you realize its a little stretch to illustrate a point.   The SCARY TRUTH is Pelosi continually votes against tax cuts of every kind including voting against increasing the child tax credit to $1,000 in 2001, but she continues to promote and vote for tax increases.    Anericans will surely feel it in the pocketbook if Democrats take control.  No scare tactic; just the scary promises of many Democratic candidates.     
On Tuesday, keep the House intact; then, Wednesday, let's deal with those drafty windows one by one. 

  • This is not intended to be a partisan article; it is, however, a principled article and the Democratic Party, as a whole simply does not support Biblical principles.

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