Obama Team sends Secret Service agents to intimidate voter on her doorstep

Either is frightening!
Obama Team sends Secret Service agents to intimidate voter on her doorstep
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By Tamara Scott
October always brings out the ugly dark side of people wanting to glorify the gothic and gory side of Halloween.  If that isn't bad enough, on election years October also brings out the ugly dark side of people who will succumb to something so frightening as Machiavellian practices to win an election.    One Texan found out just how scary America could be with such tactics from the Obama campaign.
Jessica had received a call on her cell phone while traveling in the car with her husband.   It was an unsolicited call asking her to support Obama.  She explained that he was a socialist who had voted four times in his state senate to allow babies to die in hospital closets and hung up.   
The next day, Oct 2nd, this young unsuspecting housewife found two individuals at her door posing as Secret Service agents sent because of her 'rude' remarks during a campaign worker's call.  Let's be honest, the Secret Service has better things to do than play the 'polite police'.   Aside from Jessica's perceived rudeness, does 'bad tone' now fall under the jurisdiction of the Secret Service?  Couldn't the local cops handle bad behavior if there was any?    Truly, this wasn't about her manners.  This was the vengeance of a bitter campaign worker disgusted that Jessica had the audacity to know Obama's history of voting four times against the Infant Born Alive Act in Illinois, and even worse, Jessica having the freedom to speak of it.  
The visit of these Secret Service agents, if they really were such, was started as an intimidation tactic by someone in the Obama campaign who wanted to silence Jessica's opposition.    Jessica wisely noted it was doubtful a phone bank volunteer had the clout to call in the Secret Service.  It was likely someone from 'higher' up in the campaign.    Frightening, that Obama's campaign has enough power to have the Secret Service show up in under 24 hours and intimidate anyone for saying a simple 'no' to Obama.   More frightening, they didn't mind misusing their power to achieve their goal.   This is BEFORE he is elected; imagine what happens should he be elected.   The agents even suggested that "next time she just go along with the caller and say count me in."    The agents threatened Jessica's reputation by insinuating they would 'talk' to neighbors and friends.  
There are a lot of unanswered questions here.   Were these two individuals actually government agents?   If so, were they on government assignment or simply doing a bit of bullying for Obama and his powerful friends?    Who made the call to involve the Secret Service?   Why are they not being investigated like Jessica was with a file full of information?     Will Jessica ever get to know who has accused her and truly interrupted her life?   Will the accuser face charges for falsifying a report to a high profile government agency?     Where is the mainstream media asking Obama to banish this type of bullying?   Why aren't Democrats asking for an investigation?  Pelosi usually loves those.   Should this worker be disciplined or fired?    Why doesn't Obama have to distance himself from such behavior like a conservative or Christian must when one of their own behaves badly?    
And the scary question we must really ask NOW is this:  what does an Obama nation look like?     When did it become illegal to have an opinion?   Why would we ever allow someone to take our ability to express our opinions without warfare?   Too many have fought for our freedoms, and this is one thing we should fight to the death to ensure.   We sure shouldn't let some overbearing Obama supporter banish us from expressing ourselves in our own cars on our private cell phones.   If we haven't the freedom of thought, speech, and expression – what freedom do we have? 
I spoke with Jessica.  She sounds like one who has a strong mind and uses it well.  She doesn't sound like one who gives threats – unless you find opposing opinions threatening.
Final question: What's most frightening this October?  Answer: A candidate whose workers think it is ok to suppress your freedoms.
If this was some sort of twisted prank, it should be dealt with swiftly.  If it wasn't, voters need to deal with this type of intimidating tactic and those who use it swiftly. 
Here's a little Trick or Treat riddle for the Obama Intimidators:
Knock, knock,
Who's there?
Tick-a who?Tick-a me off and I take-a your freedom

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