"Pimpin" for Halloween: Warning For Mature Audiences Only!

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by Tamara Scott
<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />10/26/05
More than ever Christians are debating if celebrating Halloween has any place in a their homes.    The discussion is worth having.   Due to current cultural trends and fascinations with witchcraft and the occult, it is certainly a frightening prospect for any caring parent.   
However, this article does not address the 'should/should not' of Halloween.  It simply addresses the sickness in our culture when parents, who are generally good and caring, are somehow duped into incredibly dangerous precedents when it comes to their children. 
Last Halloween, a local morning show decided to do a little Halloween segment with the 'coolest costumes' available.   There were several fashions from most hated politicians masks to the heroes and villains of Star Wars, and as always, the forever-loved cartoon characters.   Then, the unfortunate examples of our increasingly ugly culture emerged.   Beyond the evil and satanic undertones of this supposed children's holiday arose yet another threat from the pit of darkness.   For those who didn't wish to celebrate the dark side of the holiday, but did want to allow kids an opportunity to use some imagination, visit friends and neighbors, and gather some candy, Halloween had been taken hostage by our perverted sex culture.  Once again, childhood was invaded and scenarios forcing children to grow up too quickly were created.  
Yes, you probably guessed it.  The last costume on display in this pathetic parade of pure paganism was "The Pimp".   Totally changes 'trick or treat', doesn't it?   That's right, costumes that were obviously sized and marketed to youngsters were actually 'mature in adult theme' as a rating system might state.   Maybe we should now rate costumes along with video games, music, and movies.   They were seriously marketing a costume called 'the pimp' to puberty-aged consumers.   Does anyone else think this is sick?  
I know words seemingly evolve and definitions change, but as Christians, that doesn't mean we should necessarily be go with the flow.   Most things flow down hill, you know.   I understand, 'pimpin' can now mean 'being dressed to the nines', as we used to say.  A car that's 'pimped out' may be accessorized, loaded, cool, or all 'tricked' out.   Perhaps we should re-evaluate using that term as well.   The fact is, as Christian parents, we are to guard our children from false philosophies.  Phil 4:7   A definition, slang or otherwise, can expose a philosophy, and we need to be cautious that we don't drift with the culture.  Col 2:8   To not explain what is probably the most widely known definition of 'pimpin' could prove to be a disservice to our kids.    When they someday hear the term and think it's light-hearted or laughable, they need to know it may actually be referring to the disgusting practice of selling another human being.   A pimp sells others for the sake of prostitution, which is now called 'human sex trafficking' by the way.   It is a form of slavery where one becomes the master over a weaker oppressed victim.  
For those who may not know, 'turning tricks' is another expression for paid sex.  The selling of one's body and the right to use or abuse it for a buck.   While some might try to argue this lifestyle is a choice, it's usually not listed in anyone's yearbook as a career goal.  Of course, after marketing such wares to children that may change in future generations.   Readers may scoff at that, and I'm not saying we'll have a future rush in prostitution, but how do you suppose our children have been desensitized on other issues to our amazement - through mass marketing to their young minds.  My study Bible explains that in Col. 2:7,8 Paul understood what occupies our minds sooner or later determines our speech and action.  We cannot continue to allow our children to be corrupted by our culture.
This year's costumes are no better.  At a local costume shop, a little girl giggles as her mother shows a cheerleading costume to her father.  It was sized to fit most any kindergartener, yet it was cut and styled to give significant curves to a young little body.   I watched in disbelief as they all chimed in cackling, apparently enticed with this naughty-little-number.  It was obviously designed to be more provocative than pom pom and they were planning to purchase it.   What are parents thinking?   Is it truly just the culture in which we live?  If so, are we just to live in it or are we called to change it? 
We're responsible for the training, educating, and discipling of our children.  That includes their exposure to subjects and situations that they may not be mature enough to deal with or that are generally un-edifying. Phil 4:8   Whether it's Halloween, Prom, or any other day, we need to protect our kids from a perverted world where sex is overused and oversold in our stores, on tv, in their clothing, and now in their playful costumes.  Eph. 5:1-8 Whether kids are five or fifteen, parents can't afford to sit back and think their children are just having fun dressing a little daring.  It's a sign of the corruption in our culture violating the modesty and minds of our youth.    Even when 'masked' under the guise of play, or humor in the sitcoms, we need to say NO to our culture's 'tricks' and 'treat' our children to righteous teaching.

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