Putin Faces Pressure to Retaliate Against the U.S.



  • The venerable Ron Paul weighs in on the U.S.-approved and executed missile strike that killed five Russians, including two children, and injured 150 on a Crimean beach.
  • A new study shows that regular fasting can help aid in fighting off cancer.
  • A California dad is fighting mad after his 5th-grade son was assigned to read a book about a transgendered boy at school – then forced to explain the book to a classroom full of kindergartners.
  • A disturbing new study shows huge increases in neurological deaths among young Americans ages 15-44 that started in 2021 and continued surging through 2023.
  • And the state of Louisiana is not playing games with convicted child molesters. We’ll explain the stiff cost of committing such a crime in the state.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

There is tremendous popular pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin to retaliate against the United States over Sunday’s ATACMS missile strike on a beach near Sevastopol, former Congressman Ron Paul has said in his weekly podcast posted to X.

Five civilians were killed and more than 150 injured by cluster munitions from a U.S.-supplied missile launched by Ukrainian forces. Among the dead were at least two children. A total of 27 children were injured, several of them critically.

Ron Paul described the strike as “a Ukrainian and American attack on Russia” on Monday’s Ron Paul Liberty Report. He added that some kind of escalation was inevitable after the U.S. supplied long-range missiles to Ukraine and gave Kiev permission to use them for strikes deep inside Russia.

Dr. Paul asked:

“What’s Russia going to do about this? Are they going to twiddle their thumbs and walk away? They might – for a day or two – ponder it, but there will be something that they’re going to do.”

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 4:39 mark to 6:25 mark)


Dr. Paul then talked about the propaganda messaging that has given the vast majority of Americans a distorted view of the geopolitical situation involving Russia, Ukraine and the NATO countries led by the U.S.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 6:25 mark to 8:55 mark)


Dr. Ron Paul. Still a wise man all these years later. Too bad we didn’t listen to him 25 years ago when he was in Congress and running for president. We wouldn’t be sitting here teetering on the brink of World War III if we had.


Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, meanwhile, has become the sentinel voice in Congress, really the only one who has publicly condemned the U.S. attack on the Crimean beachgoers in no uncertain terms.



Greene wrote in a post to her X account:

“This should not be happening. Imagine if Russia using a Russian satellite, fired cluster munitions on a Florida beach. The only border our American military should be defending is our own border and the Constitution mandates the federal government to defend the states.”


A new study indicates that regular fasting can program certain immunity cells in the body to fight cancer better and improve the cells’ ability to survive in a tumor environment.

According to an article in The Epoch Times, the study, published in the journal Immunity on June 14th, looked at how fasting affected natural killer (NK) cells, a type of white blood cell capable of killing damaged or abnormal cells like cancer and those infected by a virus. 

The presence of a higher number of killer cells within a tumor is usually seen as beneficial for a cancer patient. Researchers found that fasting can reprogram the metabolism of natural killer cells, improving their ability to fight cancer and enabling the cells to survive in the harsh environment within and around the tumors.

According to the paper:

“Our findings identify a link between dietary restriction and optimized innate immune responses, with the potential to enhance immunotherapy strategies” of cancer patients.

In the study, researchers analyzed cancer-infected mice that were not given food for a period of 24 hours, twice a week. The natural killer cells were observed to have undergone a major change, making them more robust and able to fight off cancer.


A California dad is speaking out against his son’s school for giving the child a book about a transgender boy – then allegedly forcing him to explain it to a classroom full of kindergartners.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, the 11-year-old son of Carlos Encinas was assigned to read a book called “My Shadow is Pink” in his fifth-grade class on May 1 at La Costa Heights Elementary School in Carlsbad, just north of San Diego.

The book tells the made-up story of a boy who describes his father’s shadow as “big” and “blue” and his dilemma with his own shadow, which he feels is pink.

Here’s a clip about the book that the boy was forced to read, first to his own class of fifth graders and then to the kindergarteners.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 1:27)


Encinas and his wife reached out to the school asking why parents were not notified that their kids would be required to read such a book and then share it with even younger kids.

The couple decided to share their son’s experience on their own social media to let parents know what was happening.

The parents said all they asked for was that school officials give future notification of sensitive topics and an option for their kids not to participate. But they got nowhere with the school officials.


A disturbing new study shows huge increases in neurological deaths among young Americans ages 15-44 that started in 2021 and continued surging through 2023.

Zero Hedge reports, citing the study, that the dramatic uptick in mortality rates could have profound implications for the nation's public health policies.

Perhaps most concerning, the study found an increase in neurological complications following the mRNA Covid shots, including conditions such as Guillain-Barré syndrome and other acute neurological disorders.

The increases in neurological-related deaths amounted to 4.4 percent in 2020, 10.0 percent in 2021, 9.9 percent in 2022, and 8.1 percent in 2023. There figures indicate “a clear change” from the previous 10-year period, according to the data scientists with Phinance Technologies who analyzed the study, which was based largely on CDC data.



According to Phinance principal Ed Dowd, “The results show a clear break from the prior historical trend in death rates from neurological diseases.”


The Epoch Times reports that Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry has signed into law a bill that would allow state judges to sentence those convicted of sex crimes against children to undergo surgical castration.

Senate Bill 371, sponsored by state Senator Regina Ashford Barrow, is expected to take effect on August 1 following the Republican governor’s signature on June 18.

The law allows Louisiana judges to punish offenders aged 17 and older with surgical castration if they are convicted of aggravated sex crimes against a victim under the age of 13.

The Department of Public Safety and Corrections will oversee the procedure, but it will not be performed if “not medically appropriate,” according to the bill.

Under the law, a court-appointed medical expert will first need to determine whether the offender is “an appropriate candidate” for surgical castration within 60 days from the imposition of sentence.

The legislation further states that “The procedure shall be performed not later than one week prior to the offender’s release (from prison).”

If an offender “fails to appear” as required by court order for surgical castration, the offender may be charged and sentenced to three to five years in prison without the “benefit of probation, parole, or suspension of sentence,” according to the new law.

The bill garnered bipartisan support in the state legislature. 


LifeSite News reports that Donald Trump told a group of Evangelicals that if he is re-elected, he intends to come to the aid of pro-lifers and Christians who have been thrown in jail by the weaponized Biden Justice Department. 

The former president said:

“We will rapidly review the cases of every political prisoner who is unjustly victimized by the Biden regime… so we can get them out of the gulag and back to their families where they belong.”

Trump gave the keynote address Saturday at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s 2024 Road to Majority conference in Washington, D.C.

Trump drew specific attention to the case of Paulette Harlow.

Harlow, who is 75 and suffers from multiple health conditions, was sentenced to 24 months in jail for blocking access to a late-term abortion facility in the nation’s capital. She had been found guilty in November 2023 on charges of “conspiracy against rights” and violation of the FACE Act for her involvement in a peaceful pro-life rescue conducted at an infamous late-term abortion center in October 2020. 

After her trial Harlow told a reporter for LifeSite News that “there was a great injustice with the entire case” and that “there is a civil war in our country against babies and future U.S. citizens.” 

In his remarks Saturday, Trump told Paula, who he called a “good woman,” to “hold on” because “we’re going to get you out of there.” 

“Paula is one of many peaceful pro-lifers who Joe Biden has rounded up – sometimes with SWAT teams – and thrown them in jail,” he said. “This is just crazy. We’re going to get that taken care of immediately. First day. But let’s call these brave Americans what they really are. It’s persecuted Christians. That’s what they are.” 


The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case challenging Tennessee’s law protecting minors from receiving so-called gender-affirming care, including mutilating surgeries and puberty-blocking hormone drugs for children under age 18.   

The measure, which had sailed through the Tennessee House in a sweeping 77-16 vote, was signed into law by Governor Bill Lee in 2023.   

Republican House Majority Leader William Lamberth declared when he introduced the bill in 2022:

“Children do not need these medical procedures to be able to flourish as adults. They need mental health treatment. They need love and support, and many of them need to be able to grow up to become the individuals that they were intended to be.”  

Three Tennessee families have stepped forward to challenge the law, alleging that “legal uncertainty” concerning the availability of transgender medical treatments for minors is “creating chaos across the country for adolescents, families and doctors.” 

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case next year. And the Biden administration has joined the case in support of the plaintiffs. 


Scientists at the University of Tokyo have created a robotic face out of lab-grown human skin. 

They released a creepy video showing the bizarre pink creation attempting a cheesy smile.  

According to the scientists, robots with real skin not only have an increasingly lifelike appearance but could heal themselves if damaged. 

The research has been led by Professor Takeuchi of the University of Tokyo and detailed in a new study in Cell Reports Physical Science.

Professor Takeuchi's lab has already created mini robots that walk using biological muscle tissue, 3D printed lab-grown meat and engineered skin that can heal.

The professor told the Daily Mail, “We managed to replicate human appearance to some extent by creating a face with the same surface material and structure as humans.”

The engineered skin tissue is made by taking a sample of human skin cells and growing them in the lab – similar to how cultured meat is developed

Here’s the creepy video where you can see the lab-grown skin in action:



The next challenge will be creating a range of humanlike expressions by integrating sophisticated actuators, akin to muscles, inside the robot. 


Since the advent of Charles as King of England and his subsequent health issues – he’s said the be fighting cancer – the question has arisen: Who is actually in charge of the Royal Family.

An article in GB News seeks to put an end to the questions.

An insider source claims that Prince William is “calling the shots” in the Royal Family and is refusing to speak to Prince Harry.

As part of the claims, made in response to YouGov polling which has placed the Prince of Wales as the most popular male royal, William is said to rule the family “with a rod of iron.”

The source said the prince had taken on the disciplinarian duty over the family yielded by his late grandfather Prince Philip, and even said William could be “scary.”

The Daily Beast reported that William's discipline allegedly presents itself through an “absolute ban on Harry returning in any way, shape or form to the family fold.”

And while the source said that King Charles would like to spend more time with his youngest son, William has ruled out any such return.

Prince William apparently refuses to speak to Prince Harry, with the source claiming his ban against the wishes of the head of state “tells you everything you need to know about who is really in charge,” the source said.


An infant died after she was left in a hot car in Santee, California, on June 13, a mere two months after a gay couple adopted her.

The baby, identified as Diana Sofia De Los Santos, was found unresponsive in an SUV parked outside her family’s home just after midnight, the Daily Mail reported on Sunday, noting the temperature outside was 63 degrees Fahrenheit at the time.

Here’s the local NBC affiliate’s report on the tragic turn of events.



Several hours. Left alone. What did they think would happen?


An article in the New York Times sheds light on just how depressed the nation’s commercial real estate market has become, and how those problems are now threatening to take down a number of banks.

Some Wall Street banks, worried that landlords of vacant and struggling office buildings won’t be able to pay off their mortgages, have begun offloading their portfolios of commercial real estate loans hoping to cut their losses.

According to the article, “It’s an early but telling sign of the broader distress brewing in the commercial real estate market, which is hurting from the twin punches of high interest rates, which make it harder to refinance loans, and low occupancy rates for office buildings — an outcome of the pandemic.”

Late last year, an affiliate of Deutsche Bank and another German lender sold the delinquent mortgage on the Argonaut, a 115-year-old office complex in midtown Manhattan, to the family office of the billionaire investor George Soros, according to court filings.

Around the same time, Goldman Sachs sold loans it held on a portfolio of troubled office buildings in New York, San Francisco and Boston. And in May, the Canadian lender CIBC completed a sale of $300 million of mortgages on a collection of office buildings around the country.

“What you are seeing right now are one-offs,” said Nathan Stovall, director of financial institutions research for S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Stovall said sales were picking up as “banks are looking to shrink exposures.”

In terms of both number and value, the troubled commercial loans that banks are trying to offload are a sliver of the roughly $2.5 trillion in commercial real estate loans held by all banks in the United States, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence.

In other words, this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Some Michiganders can now pay for their goods with just their eyes, courtesy of a Polish fintech company called “PayEye.” The self-described mission of the company is to help move the public away from traditional cash payments into a so-called more convenient way of making transactions. No paper. No plastic. Just your eyeball.

So far only a handful of PayEye terminals are in use in East Lansing and Ann Arbor. They have been in use in Poland since 2020. The PayEye app can also be used to make purchases online and scan QR codes for transactions.

Here’s the company’s promotional video.



This system appears very similar to the Orb terminal being promoted by Sam Altman that we have reported on previously.

We’ve also reported on the palm-reader system operated by the Amazon One system, which is available at all Whole Foods stores.

Eventually some type of biometric touchless system will take over the marketplace, whether it’s scanning your eyes or the palm of your hand. And nobody will be able to buy or sell unless they submit to the system. We should be thinking now about how to react to such a system and whether we will participate in it.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…


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