Socialist Leader: Obamacare Will Fail – “Single Payer” Comes Next

Socialist Leader: Obamacare Will Fail – “Single Payer” Comes Next

Submitted by Trevor on October 10, 2013 – 12:13 am ESTOne CommentA senior member of Democratic Socialists of America, the US’ largest Marxist group and the driving force behind Obamacare and the “single payer/socialized healthcare movement,” predicts that Obamacare will fail and will be replaced by a fully socialist system.Gerald FriedmanGerald FriedmanGerald Friedman was a Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He writes on economic history, labor history and alternative economic theories.Writing in DSA’s Democratic Left, October 2013, “A Century and Counting: The Campaign for National Health Insurance,” Friedman claimed that the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, was doomed, but would pave the way for what was planned all along – “single payer” socialized healthcare.

After a century of struggle, the ACA commits the United States to providing universal access to health care. This is a great achievement, one to be treasured and nurtured. Now the real fight begins, to turn this commitment into a reality that the ACA itself cannot produce. Barack Obama was right the first time: only a single-payer program can provide universal coverage, and only a single-payer program can control costs. The ACA may be the last bad idea that Americans try; after it fails, we will finally do the right thing: single-payer health insurance.

Obamacare was brought to you by DSAers such as John McDonough and Quentin Young and by Young’s protege, Barack Obama.DSA’s next step is to deliver you fully socialized healthcare out of the wreckage of Obamacare.

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