Special Live Broadcast Tuesday Night with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Is Israel Preparing For War?

Breaking News: Jerusalem Post stated that Israel is preparing for war. We will have a special, live television program on Tuesday night with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung in our TV studio at 8pm CT. Dr. DeYoung will share with us the preparations now under way in Israel for a possible war with Syria. If you want to be sure to not miss this live special broadcast then text wvw to 88202 and we will text you a link minutes before we go live.

To get a reminder & link to live stream on Sunday night text wvw to 88202. This is brought to you as a broadcast ministry of Worldview Weekend & Worldview Weekend Foundation. Thank you for your tax deductible support at wvwfoundation.com or by mail at:

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E-mail in your question during the live stream to [email protected] and Brannon will ask our guest to answer your question.

Anyone Can Join us Sunday Night But If You Miss It Live You Have to Be A Member of Situationroom.net to see it. Sign up for our text alert to get a link to the live stream and reminder. Text wvw to 88202. Join the nearly 2000,000 on our alert lists.
You can also watch on the free Livesteam app available here for iPhone and iPad

You can also watch on the free Livesteam app available here for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details

You can also watch on Roku by choosing the free Livestream channel in the Roku Channel store. Open the Livestream channel in Roku and go to search event and type in: Situation Room and it will bring up the most current upcoming broadcast so you can watch on your TV.

Follow us on Lifestream at livestream.com/wvwtv

These programs are available for anyone to live stream but they are archived under the library tab in the Situation Room for only members to replay.






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