They Aren’t Coming: They’re Already Here

Those given over to politically-correct sycophants and politicians are quick to attack anyone who dares speak the truth about Islam and Muslims. They’ve developed a severe allergy to truth-speaking, despite the truth being supported by millenniums of evidence. This is what leads to the blood of innocent people being on their hands.

I have said it before and I say it again, ultimately those Muslims who just want to work, worship and mind their own business, will never confront nor resist those Muslims who are set upon subjugation. Herein lies the problem, that collective of Muslims who are not interested in peaceful co-existence; those who are wholly committed to conquest and subjugation win out. It is foolish to believe otherwise. They understand this weakness and prey upon it.

As a born-gain Christian, I treat them with respect, courtesy and witness whenever possible, but that does not mean that I close my eyes to the reality of terror and hatred around me.

Islam has never had a reformation that moved them from worship of a deeply flawed man, to the truth of Jesus Christ; and apart from Christ we witness cult-like religions practice varying forms of behavior one more extreme than the other but none more so Islam.

Jesus Christ is not one religious icon out of many. He is God incarnate and He alone is the way and the path to eternal life spent in Heaven. Most religions in America have some form of acknowledgement of this, even those who claim that Christ was just a good man and not God. The problem with Islam is that its’ adherents are the only followers of a cult that believe people of the world must enjoin their sect of worship or die.

The truth is a bitter pill to swallow when you have been brainwashed to accept lies. But only a fool refuses to obey the warning signs when they can clearly see the bridge over the ravine is out.

What have the people of Malaysia and Singapore done to deserve the repeated acts of terrorism taking place in their countries? Germany, France, and the Untied Kingdom now have vast sections of their countries that are controlled by Islam and Sharia Law.

What did the marathoners in Boston do to deserve to be murdered? What did the people at work in San Bernardino do to deserve to be slaughtered? What did any of the people murdered by terrorist attacks do to deserve death by Islamists?

Do you remember the people murdered by the “D.C. Sniper attacks?” Islamic converts, John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, held three states in the grip of terror while they casually drove about indiscriminately shooting people from the trunk of a car.

France elected a Muslim mayor and non-Muslims have regretted it since. Specific to my point is Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. They have wasted no time spreading their hatred of Jews and Israel immediately upon assuming their seats in the new Congress. Now that they are safely ensconced into Congress the chances of seeing them removed are remote.

Tlaib used the most vulgar of language referencing President Trump. This on the heels of it being discovered that she had falsified her residence in order to run and be elected in an area where she does not live. It has also been revealed that she wrote articles for Louis Farrakhan. There is also evidence that she allegedly committed tax-fraud to get elected.

Omar has spread her anti-Semitic rages against Israel from the moment she set foot in Congress. And let there be no doubt, her supposed apology was as phony as the idea of Palestinians have rights to Israel.

These are the first of many that we will see slowly infiltrate our political system and judicial system with the end result being America taken over from within. Call me crazy at your own peril; but take a look at Europe first.

Political correctness dictates that we accept the lies and deceit that Islamists spin to deflect from their true objectives, which are conquest, subjugation, and tyranny. They are quick to miscast factual history in a way that obfuscates their bloodlust.

Specific to my point, Owais Shad commented on my Facebook: “u r gonna say muslims launch atom bomb on hirushima nagaskai in ur future article . plz dont spread hatred.muslims r peace loving but there r certain people who r not muslims but call themselves muslims and do these activities and disgrace muslims.respect every person”

My response to him in part was: “Every quantifiable fact proves Muslims are not peace loving agrarians and that goes back for millennia.” Another person explained in detail the history of Muslims spread across the last 1,400 years. Realizing that his attempt at twisting history and portraying the righteous actions of others as evil wasn’t going to work he hushed himself.

As for his contention that Muslims respect every person, perhaps he should qualify the Muslim definition of “person.” Because the millions of “persons” Muslims have butchered, raped, sodomized, tortured, and sold into slavery over the years, would disagree with him.

His response was an example of how Islamists try to justify their hatred by falsely comparing their actions to those of others. I recall officers in my Marine Corps League explaining that the atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima saved millions of American lives. It should be noted that President Truman hadn’t declared jihad against the Japanese. The Japanese paid the price for their ill-advised slaughter of innocent Americans and destruction of American property.

Muslims belong to a bloodlust cult of terrorism and mayhem. Wherever there is Islam, there is terrorism and violence. Muslims portray the Crusades as an act of aggression against an innocent pastoral and agrarian people. Nothing could be further from the truth, which is what I explained in detail to a Muslim woman who tried to make her point by bastardizing the Crusades.

We have seen the price America has paid for banishing God from the public square. We have seen the price America has paid because a court ruled it was legal for women to murder their unborn babies. We are on the cusp of witnessing the ramifications of mandated acceptance of sexual perversion. And we are not far from seeing the ramifications of allowing the family to be perverted into that which it was never intended to be. Is America now willing, in the face of all objective proofs the world over, to allow Muslims to reach sufficient numbers to make a political and judicial difference to our peril?

I’m not speaking out because I hate Muslims. I’m speaking out because I love America and our people. And history has empirically shown that Muslims do not assimilate into the culture that welcomes them. They find ways to conquer it.


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