Understanding The Upper House & Lower House

Brannon Howse:  What is the upper house and what is the lower house in Islam, and how close are they to achieving the upper house in America, and what are the signs they’re getting close.

Shahram Hadian:  There’s a two-house concept.  Now, catch this.  Here’s the name of the lower house, the name of the house of the unbelievers or the kuffar, the filth, the infidels.  It’s called dar al-harb, the house of war.  Isn’t that nice?  It’s a house of war.

The upper house is, of course, dar al-Islam, the house of Islam.  And very quickly, I’ll give you some conditions that are – that happen in those two houses.  In the house of war or the unbeliever, the Islamic movement is at a constant state of war.

Well, wait, hold on.  I thought we were told Isla is a religion of peace.  I thought Islam doesn’t promote hatred or intolerance or violence.

No, no, no.  They are in a constant state of war until – when?  – until we get to the upper house.  The nation is considered enemy land – that nation that is an unbelieving land.  They preach plurality in religion by saying – Surah 2:256 – there’s no compulsion; we’re not gonna force anybody.

Lying is permissible in the lower house to the unbeliever.  Do you know that in the Sharia law manual there’s a section on the permissibility of lying?  I missed that part in the Bible.  Does anybody know where the verse in the Bible that allows us to lie?  Sharia compliance for Muslims is flexible based on what they’re able to do.  Sharia compliance for non-Muslims is, number one, denied.  Then slowly, as they get closer to the upper house, it’s defended.  It’s – you know, you don’t – it’s – you hear this, “It’s just misunderstood.”

Now, let’s get to the upper house.  When is the upper house declared?  The upper house must be declared by a consensus among Islamic authority – clerics, imams, Islamic centers, Muslim jurists – they declare, as they have in Europe, that now Europe is dar al-Islam.  By the way, they don’t need 50 percent of the population.  They don’t need 30 percent of the population.  In fact, according to the Muslim Brotherhood, they could potentially flip a nation with eight percent of the population.

The house of Islam now, when it’s declared dar al-Islam belongs to Islam, meaning they’re not gonna leave; they’re gonna fight to the death to give it up.  There is no longer plurality in religion.  You know, “there’s no compulsion” goes out the window because now there is compulsion in observance of Surah 9 where it’s the final verse given to Muhammad in the Quran.

Sharia is in full effect for Muslims and non-Muslims.  Lying to unbelievers is no longer permitted except for one lie that is called the “lie of treaty,” which Muhammad himself observed when he was in Medina.

And finally, the conditions of dhimmitude, meaning the subjugation of non-Muslims under Islamic law is instituted when they get the upper house.  Other than that, they want to coexist.


Shahram Hadian:  So, this is what is not understood.

Now, in America – Brannon’s question was, in America how close are we?  I would argue mainly, for two reasons, because of the hyper political activities that we just showed you, based on the – or the hyper political activities of the Muslim Brotherhood, and because of the fact that you’ve gone from Sharia denial to Sharia defense to now Sharia promotion – “Sharia’s wonderful.  Sharia’s not bad” – that is giving us indication – and, I would argue that they had open doors like never before under the first Muslim in the White House: Barack Hussein Obama.


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