China's Biological Warfare Program 
is Much Larger Than Americans Know

The following is a transcript from the docuMovie Absolute Peril

My name is Lawrence Sellin. I have a doctoral degree in human physiology from a medical school. I spent over 20 years doing basic and clinical research. I worked at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick. I also spent 29 years in the US Army Reserve and I'm a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, everyone is fully aware of the terrible consequences of the COVID19 pandemic. I think the first and most important thing we must do is stop debating the origin of COVID19. China would like to prolong that debate because it can avoid a responsibility for causing this pandemic.

I can tell you as an expert that the COVID19 virus was made in a laboratory under the supervision of the People's Liberation Army of China. Now, the next step that we must take is to link the laboratory origin of COVID19 to the People's Liberation Army. In other words,, who did it and how it was created. We also must investigate which US scientists and which US funding flowed into China and ultimately into their biological warfare program. Second investigation, parallel investigation, we must also look into the massive infiltration of US virus research programs by the CCP scientists and the PLA scientists.

Now, the reason I say this is that most people think of the virus outbreak as coming from a single location in Wuhan Institute of Virology. Now, I can assure everyone that China's biological warfare program is much, much larger. It actually exists in three levels. There's a core secret military level. Now, on top of that level there are Chinese universities, Chinese research institutes and also Chinese medical companies. Now, everyone needs to understand that in China there is no difference between civilian and military research. And it's not just Lawrence Sellin saying this. It was actually mandated by the Chinese Community Party and their 2016, 35-year plan.

Now, what we need to do at this point is really have a sense of urgency about the situation. Because if you look at the COVID19 pandemic, really far less than 1 percent of the people have died from the disease. I can tell you that China is working now on the People's Liberation Army particularly is working on viruses that are far more dangerous that would cause 10 least at a minimum 10 times the number of deaths caused by COVID19. So given the devastation that was already caused by this COVID19 pandemic, I think we need to hold China accountable or else we're very liable to face another even more devastating pandemic than we've already experienced.

It is clear from the E-mails that were just released and also other E-mails that were released prior to these, that Doctor Fauci and some leading US scientists were involved in arranging a cover-up very early-on at the end of January of last year and the beginning of February. And it specifically stated in those E-mails that they want to suppress any discussion of a laboratory origin of COVID19 as a conspiracy theory. And that was followed up with a number of publications – in fact,  in scientific journals – stating that anyone who said it was coming from a laboratory was a conspiracy theorist. So, you know, this was intentional. And because they did it, it was devastating.

We are at least a year behind in understanding how this virus was created by the People's Liberation Army. Now, as I said earlier, there is a huge infiltration of US virus research programs by CCP scientists and PLA scientists. And this is not something that happened yesterday. It actually started 30 years ago in the Clinton Administration. And I call it a scientific chain migration. What happened was that the People's Liberation Army began to send over, you know, their scientists to establish themselves in US laboratories. And what they did is invite other People's Liberation Army scientists into their own laboratories. And, you know, it expanded exponentially such that we have had thousands of these scientists coming over and, you know, gaining our knowledge and skills and bringing that back to China.

Some of them are still here funded by, you know, Anthony Fauci. And as we speak, I can tell you that there are Chinese scientists in the United States – I call them CCP scientists – in the United States who were organized and communicating. And, again, as we speak they're helping China in its propaganda program in the United States to convince Americans that it was a natural outbreak and not coming from the laboratory. So we have a very serious infiltration problem. In the universities, in the NIH, in the CDC and I can you there is some PLA scientists in US department of Defense laboratories.

Well, sir, I'd like to support what you said about unrestricted warfare. And COVID19 is an example of that. Now, most people – when they think of biological weapons – they think of something that is going to kill everybody. Well, China has a much more sophisticated approach to that. And again. COVID19 is an example of that where you have what we call debilitating or economic bioweapons where the virus is highly contagious, spreads very easily but doesn’t kill a lot of people. And certainly, COVID19 fits that criteria. And that is found, actually, in Chinese military doctrine.

Now, another thing that they did – which is a principle of biological warfare – they back-engineered the virus so it looked like it would come from nature and, therefore, gave China plausible deniability. They're also looking at other vectors than human-to-human transmission, using insects to infect other societies. So they have a very broad approach to it. We also see some things in COVID19 that resemble some of the more dangerous viruses. I had mentioned earlier something that's 10 times more dangerous.

And these are viruses that affect the central nervous system, and there's evidence that some of those traits are found in COVID19 because one of the first symptoms people experience is a loss of taste and a loss of smell; which are central nervous system effects. So what we're seeing is perhaps a testing ground. And they've certainly learned a lot about the world's reaction to a pandemic, and obviously it's going to be incorporated into their planning in the future. So their unrestricted warfare is very extensive and, you know, it looks like they're practicing it.


What is critical now is to stop debating its origin. It came from the laboratory. China wants to keep the debate going because they want to avoid responsibility. But it came from the laboratory. It was supervised by the People's Liberation Army. The other thing that I thought was really bad in the handling of this pandemic was this overemphasis on vaccines, which was primarily coming from Doctor Anthony Fauci.

What was neglected was therapeutics; things like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, vitamin D, zinc for example. You can treat people with this early in the disease process and essentially prevent it from getting worse, prevent them from being hospitalized and being on respirators. I think the therapeutics was – deliberately in fact, it seems – downplayed in favor of vaccines. And I think that was a big mistake.

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