Feminist Movement About to Reach Goal of Requiring Women to Register for the Military "Draft"

The unrelenting effort of the Feminist Movement is about to reach its long-awaited goal; requiring women to register for the Military “Draft” at the age of 18.  Those spearheading this movement hold, or have held, prominent positions in Government, Academics, Religion, Business, the Military and the Media.

A Brief Review of the evolution of this movement:

In 1980 President Carter proposed that both men and women should be required to register with the SSS/Draft.   Congress rejected his proposal and gave the following reason for doing so:                                                                                                                                                       

“The policy precluding the use of women in combat is, in the committee’s view, the most important reason for not including women in a registration system.”

Those who favored the registration of Women for the “Draft”, immediately launched a campaign to remove  that  obstacle, and devised a plan to bring about the inclusion of women serving in the Combat Arms.

Although their efforts met with opposition from Christian and political conservatives, they persevered and obtained a major accomplishment in their endeavor on January 24, 2012.   Following a unanimous recommendation by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Defense Secretary - Leon Panetta announced his plan to end the direct ground combat exclusion rule for female service members.

On December 3, 2015, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter removed all restrictions on the service of women in combat.  His policy also included the assigning of women to serve on U.S. Navy submarines.

Falling in line with Political Correctness, other senior military leaders from all Branches of Service made personal statements in favor of registering women for the “Draft”.

These collective responses completely removed the objections made by Congress in 1980 regarding President Carter’s proposal to require women to register for the “Draft”.

Impeding the progress of the Feminist’s and their political pundit’s effort to require women to register for the “Draft”, is their fear that there will be strong opposition from Christian Conservatives to such a proposal.

Therefore, they are casting their effort under the guise of establishing a Governmental System that will replace the Selective Service System; giving young men and women an “opportunity” to serve their country through Military or various Public Service endeavors.

On 25 April, 2017, The Center for Military Readiness released the following:

“In December of 2016, Senator John McCain used his power as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee to create a government-subsidized COMMISSION to promote his own long-favored causes and military readiness in a time of national emergency.

Senator McCain’s plan had the full support of President Obama. Just prior to the Inauguration of President Trump, the lame-duck President appointed three members to serve on the newly established Commission on Military, National and Public Service.

The Commission is likely to promote Chairman McCain’s views on requiring men and women to be eligible for the “Draft” and compulsory National Service.

Instead of a straightforward, timely study of the Selective Service System and changes that might be needed to strengthen options for emergency readiness, the Commission has been given a 45 billion dollar budget to conduct a two year study into the matter, and promote Chairman McCain’s point of view on mandatory military, national, or public service for both men and women.”

While the Commission’s overt appeal places an emphasis on National Public Service, their covert objective is to require women to be subject to the “Draft”.

In short order, this Commission will likely replace the Selective Service System and regulate the call up of the registrants; assigning them to either serve in the military, or in one of some 200 Organizations that agree with their humanist socialistic philosophy.

On January 18, 2018 this Commission was officially launched in our Nations Capitol.                                                            


The Chairman of the Commission, Joseph Heck, was supportive of the Obama Administration policies making women eligible for involuntary assignments to direct ground (infantry) combat units.

The selection of General Heck was made by Majority Leader Mitch McConnel and Senator John McCain.

The Commission has scheduled nine “Regional Meetings” that will be open to the public.  Their stated objective is to provide them with an opportunity to ask questions and/or express their views concerning the matter.

Apart from a report made by the Federal Register on February 19, 2018, there has been virtually no media coverage of the Commission, or the schedule of its “Regional Meetings”; the first was conducted 23 February, in Harrisburg, PA.

My examination of the Harrisburg Media revealed that nothing had been published about the meeting.

The following report has been provided by a confidant who attended the meeting:

-  There were only 65 members of the general public present.

-  The discussions dealt primarily with the National and Public Service aspect of the Commission, with little said about matters related to Military Service.

- A representative for Conscientious Objectors supported the Public Service portion of the Commission, but not the Military.

It is likely, that the Commission is conducting this “public polling process” with their recommendations already formed, and merely want to claim that it represents the consensus of the public.

Unless the attendance greatly increases in the subsequent “Regional Meetings”, less than a thousand people will have participated in this forum.   So much for a “Government of, by, and for the People.”

I close with this report of the Harrisburg meeting provided by: Pennsylvania Real-Time News/PennLive.com:                                                                                                                                                   

The goal of the Commission is to “ignite a conversation and build a national movement around public service.”

The commission will also explore things such as whether the United States needs to reinstate the military draft, and whether it should impose a requirement of public service.

A major purpose of these “Regional Tours” is to hear from people regarding their thoughts about public service.”

While the due date for the Commission’s recommendation is “not later than March of 2020”, it’s likely they’ll submit it much sooner.

I strongly encourage you to “sound off” on this very important matter - NOW !   Ecclesiastes  3:7



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