Former Atheist Calls on John MacArthur's Executive Director of Grace To You to Repent For His Inconsistent Behavior Online

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So I present here a case for Phil Johnson's inconsistent concerns and behavior regarding calling out or getting called out. I find it necessary to discuss this despite my long-standing respect and appreciation for Phil Johnson. This case in point demonstrates that when he directs displeasure, dismay or diatribe towards a fellow Christian it is in his eyes nothing more than a loving entreaty to consider things as he sees them. Now, I happen to agree with Phil on this issue and appreciate that he raised concern that he raises in this tweet:




For additional consideration here is more on this topic:

Thabiti's blog post directed back at Phil following his tweet: 


Link to Phil Johnson's "from retirement, just once more" Pyro post addressing the blog linked above:

A blogger, Andrew Ong, addresses what he views as disturbing comments by Phil towards Thabiti: 



Now let's put the glove on the other hand, as it were. If another Christian in turn directs correction back at Phil; well then Phil assumes the role of victim at the hand of malicious attacks, no matter how wrong he may be or how kind his "attacker(s)" are; and in this particular case at the expense of a real victim of abuse. I am referring to the Facebook post below which I find to be a simple case of Phil attempting to be humorous while pointing out what appears to be a serious error in judgment by a young lady who was abused as a result of her relationship with an obvious creep: 
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Now I confess that when I first saw this post I found it humorous as well but when victims of abuse and a surgeon spoke out and illuminated some of the disturbing realities of serial victims. I am sorry for my initial thoughts and response and appreciate that folks were thoughtful enough to raise this issue for consideration. I repent of being insensitive and finding humor in a situation that caused great pain to a young lady who needs to find love at the cross of Christ after suffering at the hands of men. Why is it, however, so hard for Phil Johnson to make a similar confession and repent? Repentance is one of those fruits that should flow freely from a Christian who has wronged someone. Even in the inter-webs cyberspace.


Phil has clearly wronged this young lady in casting judgment upon her clear lack of judgment but without compassion towards what factors were behind it. Read the article below for more details on those factors here:


Now I reiterate that I have long respected both Phil Johnson and James White. However, in the recent exposure of the fiasco of inviting an anti-Christ religious leader, Yasir Quadhi, into a church to spread Islamic lies about Christ and propaganda without challenge; I have had to look more closely at the behavior and on-line presence of both men. This is far from feeding and tending the flock as Jesus admonished and directed Peter and by implication all pastors/elders.


I find an unfortunate trend of some malicious tone without indication of remorse, regret, or repentance. Even when clearly, squarely, and rightly called out. I believe this is in part why Phil Johnson ceased his blogging career over at Pyromaniacs. Now to be fair I have been guilty of this behavior from time to time as well, but I pray I demonstrated and will continue to demonstrate a spirit of repentance when I am called on it. 


Please, check out the links to the tweets and Facebook posts above and look at the comments and replies and interactions with Phil Johnson. I find what must be rightly characterized as "disturbing" just as Andrew Ong described, even if I agree with Phil Johnson in some instances. His inserting himself into the White-Quadhi error is unwise and unnecessary. In episode 17-19 of It's Not Rocket Science, I review some of the logical fallacies employed by Phil not to mention a surprising lack of Scriptural support for his and White's position. It is never a good sign of reasonableness when fallacies are employed as a necessary support mechanism for one's case. I argue it doesn't work for atheism or evolution and it doesn't work when attempting to justify "dialoguing" with child of Satan in a church either!


I would ask and pray that Phil Johnson would consider repenting of such behaviors and attitudes and that James White would see the error of welcoming an Imam onto the platform in the midst of the bride of Christ to spread lies about her bride-groom. I pray this may provide some points to ponder for my readers and listeners as well. May you separate your appreciation for a man from his ungodly behavior so that iron may truly sharpen iron in a call for repentance.


In Christ,

Jason Pratt



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