"More wars have been fought in the name of religion than for any other reason." How often have you heard that little gem spewing out on talk shows or in college classrooms? It is just one of the many mantras being chanted by the newly enlightened of our age who are part of the walking stupid.
The next time someone says that, ask him or her to name three of them in this century. When they stand there with mouths open, follow it by asking them to name three wars of religion throughout history that killed a lot of people and have them tell you about how many were killed. The silence will be deafening.
Since the beginning of the twentieth century, more people have been killed in the wars of socialism than at any time in history. These were wars AGAINST religion. If we tally all the dead as a result of the anti-religious policies of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Pol Pot, the estimated total soars above 100 million dead; an astounding number, causing any wars of religion to pale in comparison.
Having meditated on war for a while, let's pick a different mantra: Diversity. Let's celebrate diversity. Oh rapturous joy. Diversity in its pop presentation is a hybrid product of I'm OK, you're OK; all beliefs are OK and we should tolerate everything but intolerance. Diversity is being preached widely in schools nowadays as a wooooonderful thing. We're all different and isn't that maaaarvelous. People who don't agree are labeled as too diverse (read intolerant) and besides diversity ultimately winds up trying to homogenize peoples and cultures and de-diversifies everything.
Most curious is the educators who chirp and thump the most about diversity are the very ones who oppose it the most bitterly. The educational establishment totally rejects the possibility of school choice and diversity. Choice would invariably provide an incredible healthy diversity in the way children learn and are taught. Think of it. All sorts of educational theories and philosophies being used to teach all sorts of different things. The best ones would survive and the poor ones would fail. Survival of the fittest so much proclaimed by evolutionists in public schools. Much rejoicing called for.
But instead, educrats treat competition and diversity like a horrible thing. The educational establishment has promoted a policy of top-down monolithic control, which has failed so far and will continue to do so. Please don't write me a letter telling me about "local control." Those of us watching ed-laws know that's a sop, especially after the last round of attempts in Congress to move education to the national level.
Diversity brings us to the third mantra. Evolution is king in public schools. Mankind -- oops -- personkind evolved from lower species which evolved from some alien's chewing gum stuck at the bottom of his primordial soup. The way species work is competition and survival of the fittest. Mankind -- oops -- personkind is a product of nature. We got where we are because of our genetic ability to compete and survive and take out other species in various niches.
But now, enter the environmentalists who promote evolution as "fact." They tell us mankind - - oops again -- is not a part of nature. Suddenly we are a cancer on the face of the Earth endangering nature of which we were once a part of now it seems we're not. Suddenly they begin preaching all sorts of moral imperatives that they ridiculed in religious people. Competition is bad! We have to preserve other species. We can't engage in survival of the fittest and kick genes (blue or otherwise).
When you sum it all up, the mantras of the new age are stupidity masquerading as a virtue.

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