We Are Witnessing The Deliberate Take-Down of our Constitutional Republic

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From left to right above -- MGEN (Ret.) Greg Schumacher, USA, LTC (Ret.) Kelly Snapp, USA, Major (Ret.) Stephen Coughlin, USAR, Admiral (Ret.) Ace Lyons, USN, RADM (Ret.) Chuck Kubic, USN, Captain (Ret.) Pete Phillips, USN, Michael Del Rosso, Rich Higgins.



The current debate over the Confederate monuments isn’t about the monuments and it isn't about condemning white supremacists or neo-Nazis (everyone does). This is about Revolution. We are witnessing the deliberate take-down of our Constitutional Republic. The two documents linked to below explain exactly what is unfolding.


Information warfare manifests itself in our system as political warfare, propaganda, influence operations, and subversion of our foundational institutions: political, educational, religious, and media. Yet our entire government structure is focused on the kinetic war – shootings, bombings, kidnappings and other acts of ‘terrorism.’” These strategic information campaigns principally operate through narratives. Using the narrative the media and politicians are pushing after Saturday’s rally in Charlottesville as an example:


1.  White Supremacists are racist.

2.  The MSM claims White Supremacists and the alt-Right are one in the same.

3.  The alt-Right is Trump’s base.

4.  Therefore Trump’s base is racist.

5.  And by association Trump is a racist White Supremacist.


This false narrative is part of a deliberate enemy information warfare campaign. From fired NSC staffer Rich Higgin’s memo, “This is not politics as usual but rather political warfare at an unprecedented level that is openly engaged in the direct targeting of a seated president through manipulation of the news cycle. It must be recognized on its own terms so that immediate action can be taken.”


Many of you will remember Rich Higgins from the VA 5th District Congressional Campaign last year. He was a surrogate for and is a colleague of Michael DelRosso. Rich Higgins was recently fired from the National Security Council where he served as the Director of Strategic Planning.


Why was he fired?


He was fired by National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster for telling the truth. The memo is the factual, accurate analysis by one of America’s leading professionals in understanding such matters of warfare. After Rich Higgins’ active duty Army service, he worked in the Pentagon managing Irregular Warfare operations and served as the Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict (SOLIC) Chair at the College of International Security Affairs, National Defense University. He also served as Chair at the College of International Security Affairs at the National Defense University (NDU).


America’s enemies understand that Political Warfare is the pinnacle of modern warfare. When Rich Higgins dared to point this out in a private memo, POTUS & Political Warfare, he was dismissed from the National Security Council (NSC) by National Security Adviser LTG McMaster. The tragedy is that Rich was the leading authority in the NSC on the Red-Green, Marxist-Islamic alliance and their reliance on Political Warfare as their focus of main effort in their war against America.


Rich Higgins and Michael Del Rosso worked closely over the past decade on national security matters. During that time Michael developed lectures on this topic for training for military, intelligence, and federal law enforcement professionals including developing a lecture on Marxist-Islamic Information Operations as part of then FBI Special Agent John Guandolo’s training program.


As you read Rich's memo and Michael's lecture you will realize that our sitting members of Congress have a poor understanding of the Political Warfare attacks destroying America. Unless they overcome their strategic incomprehension, the downward slide of the Republic will only accelerate. Michael’s campaign for Congress in the 5th District in 2016 was an effort to counter this. It is now more urgent than ever that Congress wake up.


If you want to understand the current “chaos” as the media chooses to label it, then it is absolutely critical for you to read Rich Higgins’ memo followed byMichael Del Rosso’s lecture, which provides the historical context for Rich's memo.


President Trump is in a vulnerable position as the Deep State is staging a slow-motion coup by isolating the president from his base while they criminally abuse the mechanisms of legal and political power against him.


Without military strategists like Rich Higgins advising the president and while we keep electing members of Congress who are unable to identify America’s enemies, their doctrines, and their tactics, the president and our national and economic security are vulnerable. Very few people understand what we are up against. Pray for our country and please read the linked to documents and pass them along. It is essential that everyone understand what is playing out in front of our eyes. 




Gray Delany

Gray Delany | PO Box 437, Ivy, VA 22945


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