Who’s calling the shots? Push is on to mask up and shoot up the school children: What parents need to know

Parents of school-age children are about to encounter the most bizarre school year ever. When it comes to the safety of the Covid shots, most elected leaders, from Joe Biden all the way down to the governors, mayors and school boards, have shirked their responsibility and handed over full control of their offices to unelected bureaucrats and shills for Big Pharma.

As we have seen, the dictates from these unelected, unaccountable elites can change from week to week, month to month, and they almost never provide solid scientific data to back up their decisions. We are supposed to just trust them and obey.

We already know some school districts will try to inject children with the experimental gene therapy masquerading as a “vaccine” without parental consent.

Washington, D.C., schools were recently caught exploiting a new law that was quietly passed in November 2020 and took effect on March 19, 2021. That law allows schools to vaccinate kids ages 11 and up without their parents even knowing it and regardless of whether they have a religious exemption.

When word leaked out in July, parents filed a series of lawsuits against the DC school system.

We also know that certain unaccountable, unelected, lifetime Washington bureaucrats with money interests in Big Pharma and posing as unbiased “experts” have said their goal is to get every child vaccinated down to 12 years old by the end of the year.

The CDC has come out with new “guidelines” saying unvaccinated school-age children should wear masks inside schools. This seems like an invitation to openly discriminate against unvaccinated kids. Will they be treated as unclean pariahs, socially distanced to the point of isolation and targeted for what amounts to psychological torture?

Parents need to be ready for this level of medical tyranny, which is growing by the day with the corporate media serving as the propaganda mouthpiece pushing whatever narrative the technocrats find conducive to their malevolent plans for greater control over all human activity. Parents must realize this is not about health and safety. Their kids are in the sights of an evil cabal and basically every kid whose parents fail to step up in this historic moment will have his/her life crushed.

See They are coming for your kids: Globalists launch all-out assault on children

The Solari Report, authored by former Wall Street and D.C. insider Catherine Austin Fitts, offers a form for parents to download at Solari.com. They can fill it out and use it to serve notice to their child’s school that no medical treatment can be given to their child without their express written consent, and that their child is incapable of giving informed consent to any vaccine.

The two-parent form can be downloaded here.

The single-parent form can be downloaded here.

Meanwhile, America’s Frontline Doctors has joined the ranks of nonprofits that have assembled a legal team to fight these extreme measures, which force an unproven vaccine that remains in the experimental/investigational stages [and thus only has EUA status] on young people. This smacks of child abuse at best, and crimes against humanity at worst.

The Pfizer vaccine has only been available for use in children between ages 12 and 17 for a couple of months and there have already been 10 reports of child deaths to the government’s VAERS reporting system. Others have suffered debilitating injuries. As we speak, Pfizer and Moderna are working on trials of their mRNA injections on kids ages 5 to 11. The FDA allows these experiments on children to continue even though they already have evidence that young people in the 12 to 30 age bracket are suffering adverse events such as myocarditis, Bell’s palsy, blood clotting and possible fertility issues.

Where are all the autopsies?

The government and medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex repeats the mantra “safe and effective,” but they refuse to inspect the tissue of the thousands who have died within days of receiving the vaccine. Where is the funding for autopsies? The government can afford billions for advertising and now it’s hiring door-to-door vaccine salesmen at $30 an hour, but nothing for scientific investigations into thousands of reported deaths?

America’s Frontline Doctors held a White Coat Summit Tuesday, July 27, to discuss the growing safety concerns about the injections, which are magnified by the growing public-private pressure being brought to bear on people to get the shots, either through their jobs, schools or universities.

Moderna and Pfizer use an all-new messenger RNA technology that was originally developed in 2015 for treating cancer and other chronic illnesses, not a coronavirus. Lipid nanoparticles deliver the mRNA that instructs cells to create the SARS-COV-2 spike protein.

Doctors originally said the spike protein would stay in the shoulder muscle for a few days and dissipate. But scientists such as Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology, say they have data that proves the lipid nanoparticles get into the bloodstream and travel throughout the body for up to a month, doing damage to organs in which they collect.

“Yes a lot of it stays in the deltoid but a lot of it likes to travel. The spike is the toxin,” said Dr. Ryan Cole, a participant in Tuesday’s Summit. “Why are we injecting something that causes the disease?

“The spike is the toxin, causing all of the diseases that the virus causes — damage to the lungs, damage to the brain, the heart…. they keep lying to the American public by calling it a vaccine, they keep taking off the word ‘investigational’.

‘A poisonous attack on our population’

The word “investigational” is medical lingo for “experimental.” All three vaccines are using medical treatments deemed by the FDA to be investigational and yet the only message getting out in the media is that these injections are “proven safe and effective.” This is a lie and a violation of the Nuremburg Code.

“Why in the world would we put a toxin into the human body that gets into the blood vessels and causes inflammation in the heart?” asked Cole, a reference to the myocarditis found in more than 2,000 young people.

Dr. Cole said damage to the heart does not heal itself.

“Once a heart cell is damaged it’s damaged forever. It doesn’t replace itself with another cell it replaces itself with a scar,” he said. “That’s a good idea? Give a child a toxin and ruin his heart for life? This is game over. This is no longer good science. This is a poisonous attack on our population and it needs to stop now.”

The CDC has acknowledged a heightened risk of myocarditis in young men under the age of 30 and yet refuses to pause the vaccines for that age group.

“The same thing with the kidneys,” said Cole. “Kidneys are pretty important. You want to damage your kidney with a clot shot? Not a good idea. Same with the liver. The testes. The ovaries. Kind of important for the next generation. Why are they lying to us?”

In Pfizer’s own clinical trials, a study on rats showed a 16 percent decrease in fertility but the threshold to shut down the program was 25 percent.

“Rats are some of the most fertile creatures on the planet,” Cole said, and even they experienced a 16 percent decrease, leading him to believe that the impact could be greater on human fertility.

“Humanity is the phase 3 trial,” he said.

“Billions are being spent on advertising. Where is the funding for real science?”

He said he has tissue from a healthy, 50-year-old triathlete awaiting him when he returns from Tuesday’s summit. The man died two days after his second shot.

“Why would we push forward without knowing the answers to these things? What we’re seeing is complete anti-science.

“Employers are saying you can’t work for me unless you go and get an experimental therapy. Go back to the Nuremburg Code [which requires informed consent to any experimental medical treatment]. We are absolutely violating this as a country and a people.”

Psychological warfare tactics

Another presenter at the summit, Dr. Mark McDonald, discussed the psychological impact of Covid.

He said Dr. Anthony Fauci, an associate of global vaccine investor/promoter Bill Gates, has traumatized the American population with fear and confusion by constantly changing his talking points and moving the goalposts.

He described Fauci as an abuser, causing psychological trauma to millions of Americans, brow beating them into losing their minds and reducing some of them to mindless obedient drones.

Dr. McDonald, a psychiatrist trained in psychoanalysis and child/adolescent psychiatry, said what we’ve seen over the past year and a half is “they are turning groups against themselves” [something a hostile party would do to an enemy before launching an all-out military attack].

“We have inter- and intra-group warfare going on, and it’s very effective,” he said. “Now they are ratcheting that up by blaming the unvaccinated. All those who did their patriotic duty are now suffering because of those who did not go get their shots.”

He’s seeing inter-family warfare that’s turned political.

“Parents turning on children, children on parents, that’s the psychological warfare tactic being used here in the U.S. You take something away from someone and then blame it on someone else, then you sit back and watch them feed on each other and tear each other apart.”

This is an old communist trick that was used by Stalin in Russia and Mao in China to divide their people so as to more easily subdue them.

“This started decades ago with ‘the climate is going to destroy us if we don’t completely change the way we live.’ Now it’s ‘our society is systemically racist,’ ‘men are guilty of toxic masculinity’ and on down the line,” McDonald said.

He believes women have been the most affected by this psychological warfare meant to divide.

“You see a lot of hysterical women. They call them karens. That’s not a criticism of women. I believe women have been victimized because the men have started to disappear and started to fail to display courage,” he said. “When men step away, women try to fill the space. And the role of women is not to make people physically safe — that’s the role of the men. So the women are hysterical and the men are emasculated and we’re feeding on ourselves.”

Life is not about being ‘safe’

He believes these are symptoms of a deeper problem rooted in our decaying culture.

“This is about more than masks and vaccines. Until we address the roots of this we won’t turn things around. The roots started decades ago in attacks on our culture,” McDonald said. “Because life is not about being safe. Life is about living fully. So let’s strive for that. This is really more about changing your life.”

He said the cabal is made up of elitist technocrats who have no love for humanity. They see themselves as virtual gods who, because of their possession of certain technological knowledge, have the right to force their will upon others.

“This is medical technocracy in action. They bury the data they don’t want you to look at,” he said. “Any doctor who tells you he or she knows everything, don’t believe them. Find a new doctor.”

AFLD held its livestream “White Coat Summit” July 27, in Texas. They have a team of lawyers who are prepared to represent students, workers and parents of school children who are being threatened or forced to get the jabs without informed consent. This is a violation of both U.S. and international laws, the lawyers said.

We must stop this tyranny. The only way to do that is through peaceful non-compliance.

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