Popular Books Written by Brannon Howse in eBook Format

  • Marxianity eBook

    Marxianity: How the Evangelical Deep State and their “Useful Idiots” are Merging Marxism and Christianity Through Social Justice, White Privilege, Cultural Marxism, Illegal Immigration, Interfaith Dialogue and More
  • Christian Worldview For Students Volume 1 eBook

    In this delightfully readable book, Brannon Howse captures the essence of biblical thinking on 30 subjects you will encounter. Hard facts, clear-headed logic, and relevant observations help you stand firm-within yourself and at the front line with others-on what Christians believe about a diverse set of topics.
  • Christian Worldview For Student Volume 2 eBook

    Most students say they did not learn enough Bible content growing up to enable them to make biblical life decisions, let alone defend a Christian worldview in the face of vicious opposition. This book provides worldview expert and best-selling author Brannon Howse's briefing notes to prepare you for the worldview battle that takes place at the university of humanism-whichever one you attend.
  • Christian Worldview for Children eBook

    The purpose of training is to prepare the soil of our child's heart so they will seek God for themselves and be convicted of their own sinfulness and their need to repent. Compelling a child to “pray a sinner's prayer” will not save them. It will only make false converts if the heart is not prepared for God's presence.
  • Building a Biblical Worldview Verse by Verse eBook

    Catechism is a great idea—kind of.
    Being exposed to central doctrines of the Christian faith is the great part.What’s not so great is wading through man made verbiage that often seems to hide as much truth as it explains. Now Building a Christian Worldview Verse by Verse handles that quandary by answering 52 core questions about the Faith with specific scriptures to explain doctrinal truths—word-for-word from the Bible itself.
  • Put Your Beliefs to the Test eBook

    Too many self-professing Christians hold a schizophrenic worldview-a toxic mixture of Christian and humanist beliefs that undermine Biblical living and the potential to change the world for Christ. Recognizing the problem, Brannon Howse developed a test to help people assess their personal worldviews
  • Twisted Scripture Twisted Theology eBook

    In Twisted Scripture, Twisted Theology, Brannon walks you through 42 scriptures that are critical to correct Christian doctrine but are frequent targets for those intent on making the Word say what they want, not what God intended. Be prepared for many “a-ha” moments as you discover why so many teachings you’ve heard just didn’t sound quite right.
  • Coming Religious Reich eBook Documentary

    The Third Reich Was Bad. 
    The Fourth Will Be Worse.

    Looking back at the horrors of World War II many people think, “We’re glad that’s over with.” They naively believe the days of people like Hilter are gone for good. Yet we live amid threats creating a worldwide nightmare Hitler only managed in a few countries. 
  • Grave Influence eBook

    21 Radicals and Their Worldviews that Rule America from the Grave

    This is it, the one book you need to read if you want to understand the big picture, connect all the dots, and understand current times, and future events and trends that will be unfolding. This ground-breaking book by best-selling author Brannon Howse is the result of thousands of hours of research over many years and is must reading for every teenager and adult. 
  • What Every Christian Should Know eBook

    Discover the Truth about False Teachings. Bogus “Christian” leaders turn up at shocking places these days—in the pulpit, on TV, at conferences and rallies, and all over the internet—so you never know when you’ll have to discern truth from error. But if you have a solid grasp of the indispensable doctrines of biblical Christianity, you won’t be among the many who are led astray.

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