FBI Arrested Man Allegedly Planning To Attack Churches In Idaho

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  • An ISIS terrorist is arrested in Idaho after he allegedly made plans to attack Christian churches in the state.
  • Norfolk Southern on Tuesday announced it reached a $600 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit brought in response to the February 2023 train derailment in East Palestine.
  • A new administrative rule issued by the Biden regime threatens the existence of small farms in America.
  • The Swiss-based nuclear research organization known as CERN smashed protons together at nearly the speed of light during the solar eclipse on Monday.
  • And a veteran NPR editor comes forth as a whistleblower on the government-funded news agency’s intentional bias against former President Donald Trump’s presidency.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Leading off tonight, CNN reports that the FBI arrested a man on Saturday after he allegedly made plans to attack churches in Idaho and pledged his allegiance to ISIS, the Justice Department said.

Alexander Scott Mercurio, 18, was charged with attempting to provide material support or resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization, according to a Justice Department news release. The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force conducted the investigation.

Mercurio planned to attack churches in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, on Sunday “using weapons, including knives, firearms, and fire,” according to court documents cited by the Justice Department.

Investigators believe Mercurio’s alleged efforts to carry out an attack intensified following the March attack that killed 144 people at a concert hall complex near Moscow, according to a U.S. law enforcement official. Russian and U.S. authorities have blamed an ISIS group for that attack.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a press release:

“As alleged in the complaint, the defendant swore an oath of loyalty to ISIS and planned to wage an attack in its name on churches in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.”

It further noted:

“Thanks to the investigative efforts of the FBI, the defendant was taken into custody before he could act, and he is now charged with attempting to support ISIS’s mission of terror and violence.”


Just the News reports that Norfolk Southern on Tuesday announced it reached a $600 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit brought in response to the February 2023 train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

If the court approves the settlement, all class-action claims within a 20-mile radius of the derailment and all personal injury claims within a 10-mile radius of the derailment will be resolved, the railroad company said.

Residents within one mile of the derailment were forced to temporarily evacuate after some of the train cars caught fire and there were concerns regarding the hazardous materials being held in 20 of the 50 derailed cars

Officials executed what they called a controlled release of the toxic chemicals from the cars in an attempt to avert an explosion

National Transportation Safety Board chair Jennifer Homendy testified to the Senate last month that “there was no justification to do a vent and burn” of toxic chemicals in the derailed train cars, and that other options were available.

The announcement of the settlement comes after the Environmental Protection Agency said late last week that it is investigating after deceased fish were found in a stream that runs through East Palestine.

Congress is still investigating the derailment and subsequent response efforts. The railroad company also faces lawsuits from the state of Ohio and the Justice Department.

Norfolk Southern said that separately from the settlement, it has already given $104 million in community assistance to East Palestine and the surrounding areas. The company also said it made commitments last year to address resident concerns surrounding drinking water, home prices and healthcare. 


After an extended absence from public view, former First Lady Melania Trump is reportedly set to return to the campaign trail for her husband, starting with a fundraiser for the group Log Cabin Republicans at her and husband Donald’s resort home at Mar-a-Lago.

Log Cabin Republicans are a group of LGBTQ-friendly GOP voters.

Politico reports that it obtained an invitation to the event, billed as the beginning of the Log Cabin Republicans’ “Road to Victory” initiative targeting swing-state voters. 

The report says:

“The host committee for the event includes Republican donors Saul Fox, Amanda Schumacher, Bill White, Bryan Eure and Richard Grenell, who had served as Trump’s ambassador to Germany and acting director of national intelligence. Also listed are Elizabeth Ailes, a former NBC News executive and the widow of the late Fox News chief executive officer Roger Ailes, and Deborah Magowan, the widow of the late San Francisco Giants owner Peter Magowan.”

The news puts to rest unsubstantiated rumors that Mrs. Trump was distancing herself from the former president’s 2024 campaign, while at the same time highlighting the Trumps’ support for aspects of the LGBT agenda.


A new rule issued by Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency will bring 3,879 meat and poultry products (MPP) processing facilities under their jurisdiction

Dr. Robert Malone reported in a Substack post that this will result in “another blow to decentralized natural meat production,” and that “Americans will lose the choice to buy local meats.”

Malone writes that this was swiftly followed by an abbreviated comment period which closed on March 25, and then immediate implementation of the rule change. The rule is based on a perceived need to limit wastewater levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorus coming from animal meat processing, mirroring the WEF agenda to minimize Nitrogen runoff from European farms, which has sparked the widespread farmer protests throughout the European Union.

Malone notes that the new rule involves a major shift in the technology-based effluent limitations guidelines and standards for the meat and poultry industry, threatening their livelihoods by forcing them to add costly water-filtration systems to their operations. 

What does this mean to small meat processing facilities? It’s been reported that the initial cost to install a water-filtration system bringing them into compliance is $300,000-400,000 with a minimum of $100,000 annual maintenance. 

Malone says this would force many small meat-processing facilities to shut their doors. 

It is also a direct attack on the buy local foods movement. If local meat producers no longer have a nearby facility to process the meat, they will no longer be able to provide their product direct to the customer at food markets or online, Malone says.

The Kansas Natural Resource Coalition filed comments opposing the proposed rule and was joined by other county coalitions and American Stewards of Liberty. KNRC, an organization of 30 Kansas counties, states these proposed rules will “regulate indirect discharge facilities” that “departs from constitutional and statutory authority” significantly altering the balance between state and federal powers. 

They also state that the proposal “gives priority to environmental justice goals and emphasizes ecological benefits, but the EPA jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act is not based on ecological importance or environmental justice.”


The European Organization for Nuclear Research, best known as CERN, smashed protons together at nearly the speed of light during the solar eclipse on Monday.

After two years of hibernation, CERN fired up the world’s largest Large Hadron Collider during the solar eclipse in an attempt to uncover unknown scientific phenomena such as dark energy, dark matter, and what the universe consists of.

According to CERN, the solar eclipse did not affect the beams in the LHC.



CERN website states, “Although the solar eclipse on April 8th will not affect the beams in the LHC, the gravitational pull of the moon, like the tides, changes the shape of the LHC because the machine is so big.”

In 2012, CERN gained worldwide attention after scientists reported finding the Higgs boson particle, also known as the “god particle.”

On its site, CERN describes the Large Hadron Collider as the “most powerful accelerator in the world, and it boosts particles, such as protons, which form all the matter we know. Accelerated to a speed close to that of light, they collide with other protons. These collisions produce massive particles, such as the Higgs boson or the top quark.”


The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that Veteran National Public Radio editor Uri Berliner published an essay on Tuesday exposing the government-funded outlet’s alleged bias during former President Donald Trump’s presidency.

Berliner, who has been at NPR for 25 years, alleges in the essay published in The Free Press that the outlet was striving deliberately to take down Trump during his presidency by citing Russia-collusion allegations that were later debunked. He also asserts that all levels of the organization were aligned on the prioritization of race and identity, leading to a lack of “viewpoint diversity” and increase in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.



NPR, according to Berliner, also based reporting on former public health czar Dr. Anthony Fauci’s statements on the COVID-19 pandemic originating naturally from bats.

He wrote:

“We became fervent members of Team Natural Origin, even declaring that the lab leak had been debunked by scientists. But that wasn’t the case.”

NPR has devoted significant resources to establishing a more diverse audience, but it has not been successful, Berliner wrote.


Infowars reports that insurance companies across the country are using satellites, drones, manned airplanes and even high-altitude balloons to spy on properties they cover with homeowner’s policies — and using the findings to drop customers, often without giving any opportunity to address alleged shortcomings. 

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase across the country in reports from consumers who’ve been dropped by their insurers on the basis of an aerial image,” United Policyholders executive director Amy Bach told the Wall Street Journal. Reasons can range from shoddy roofing to yard clutter and undeclared trampolines.  

Much of this surveillance is done via the Geospatial Insurance Consortium, which boasts of its coverage of 99% of the U.S. population.

In pitching its ability to provide high-resolution “imagery and insights” for property reviews, GIC says insurers can use the service to “review risk and exposure on a building such as proximity of vegetation to the structure, whether a roof needs updating, and verify the exact location for a policy.” 

“If your roof is 20 years old and one hailstorm is going to take it off, you should pay more than somebody with a brand new roof,” Allstate CEO Tom Willson told the Journal, unapologetically and ominously adding that, where the company’s use of digital imagery is concerned, “there’s even more to come.” 


Saudi Arabia has scaled back some of its ambitions for its desert megacity Neom, according to a report by Bloomberg. 

The $1.5 trillion megacity project, which organizers claim will be 33 times the size of New York City, is due to include a 170km straight-line city.

When launching The Line in 2021, the Saudi government had announced that 1.5 million people would be living in the city by 2030. 

Officials now expect there to be fewer than 300,000 residents by that time, according to a source cited by Bloomberg on Friday.

The source said that officials expected only 2.4km of the 170km city to be completed by 2030.

As a result of the scaling back, one contractor dismissed some of the workers it employs on site, according to a document seen by Bloomberg. 

Neom - part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 strategy to diversify the economy and move away from oil reliance - is being built in the northwestern Tabuk province.

Middle East Eye reported last year that construction was underway on The Line, based on satellite imagery.

The Line is due to have no cars or roads, and a high-speed rail service running across the length of the city, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced three years ago. 


The White House quickly responded Monday following a declaration published by the Vatican that denounces gender affirming surgery and gender ideology as “deeply harmful,” a “violation of human dignity,” and aimed at “eliminating the basis of family.”

The 20-page declaration approved by Pope Francis outlines that a person’s gender is a “gift from God” and that any attempt at gender reassignment infringes on God’s creation.

The document further asserts that attempts to introduce new rights in relation to gender theory in recent years have “led to instances of ideological colonization,” which the Catholic Church regards as “extremely dangerous.”

The declaration further states:

“Human life in all its dimensions, both physical and spiritual, is a gift from God. This gift is to be accepted with gratitude and placed at the service of the good.”

It continues, “Desiring a personal self-determination, as gender theory prescribes, apart from this fundamental truth that human life is a gift, amounts to a concession to the age-old temptation to make oneself God, entering into competition with the true God of love revealed to us in the Gospel.”

The push for allowing people to identify as any gender they choose, rather than accepting the gender given to them by God denies “the greatest possible difference that exists between living beings: sexual difference,” the Church further decrees, adding that modern gender ideology “envisages a society without sexual differences, thereby eliminating the anthropological basis of the family.”

The document further clarifies that it is not possible to “separate the masculine and the feminine from God’s work of creation, which is prior to all our decisions and experiences, and where biological elements exist which are impossible to ignore.”

The Church states that only in accepting the difference between genders “each person can fully discover themselves, their dignity, and their identity. Creation is prior to us and must be received as a gift. At the same time, we are called to protect our humanity, and this means, in the first place, accepting it and respecting it as it was created.”

Pope Francis previously described gender theory as an “ugly ideology of our times which cancels out the differences [in humanity] and makes everything the same.”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

A U.K. regulatory agency found that top Pfizer employees “brought discredit” on the pharmaceutical industry when they made misleading claims promoting an unlicensed medicine in tweets about the COVID-19 vaccine, The Telegraph reported in an article dated Sunday, April 7.

A Pfizer U.K. spokesman told The Telegraph that the company “fully recognizes and accepts the issues highlighted by this PMCPA ruling,” and that it is “deeply sorry.”

PMCPA stands for the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority, which is an independent body established by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry. It was this body which ruled that the company breached five rules in its Code of Practice for advertising. U.K. pharmaceutical industry watchdog UsForThem filed the complaint with the PMCPA in February 2023 and its ruling just came down last week. 

The complaint pertained to 2020 tweets by top Pfizer executives, including U.K. Medical Director, Mr. Berkeley Phillips. The tweets were still visible on social media when the complaint was filed. The organization alleged that Pfizer “misleadingly and illegally promoted its COVID-19 vaccine” by reporting very high relative efficacy rates without providing information about absolute efficacy rates or required information about safety. 

UsForThem said it was important to file this complaint two years later because “such misbehavior was even more widespread” than they had previously thought, extending “right to the top” of Pfizer’s U.K. operation and “was apparently continuing to this very day.” 

The PMCPA panel concluded that “Pfizer brought discredit upon and reduced confidence in the pharmaceutical industry,” which it noted is a serious ethical breach that it reserves for serious violations such as this one where a company promoted a drug before it had even been authorized. Cases found to have brought discredit on the industry are advertised in the medical, pharmaceutical and nursing press. A Pfizer U.K. spokesman said the company “fully recognizes and accepts the issues highlighted by this PMCPA ruling,” and that it is “deeply sorry,” according to The Telegraph.

Deeply sorry? Somehow that rings hollow. What does it even mean? Will they give back the profits they made off of this faulty product? Will they pay restitution for the many deaths and injuries their product caused? I won’t be holding my breath and nor should you.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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