I’m Stepping out of the Tall Grass Over The James White-Yasir Qadhi Interfaith Dialogue

I’m Stepping out of the Tall Grass….By Jill Cox. (Mother and wife, who e-mailed this to our ministry and posted on Facebook)

After studying the Yasir-Qadhi Interfaith Dialogue issue for over six weeks, I’m standing up to be counted among those who believe that interfaith dialogue is wrong, especially interfaith dialogue with a religion that is a death cult (certain spiritual death for following an antichrist-fueled religion, and certain physical death if you don’t believe it). This is not like IFD with a Mormon, or Jehovah’s Witness, where in the end you can agree to disagree. If an Islamic state is established here and you disagree with them, you die. There will be no IFD in an Islamic State. Scripture says there is no fellowship between light and darkness (2 Cor 6:14). There is no common ground with Satan. Those who deny Christ as the Son of God are in darkness and have the spirit of the antichrist (1 John 2:22-23). Bottom line? There is no commonality. What commonality and fellowship is there between the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy and the One who has come to bring life? (John 10:10). A Christian can have an interfaith dialogue about social graces and how we might treat each other, but not about truth. Debates or dialogues never change truth. This is why we are called to PROCLAIM the gospel.

I see this as a method of paving the way for future ecumenism to enter into the church, and I believe it goes against God’s Word. As Janet Mefferd so eloquently said, what people don’t understand is this is about keeping our freedom in tact to be able to freely preach and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in America. THIS is what’s at stake. This is NOT a discrediting of past ministry of anyone, though this false claim has been tossed around greatly. This is a specific focus on a grave error which has the potential of dividing many friends, if not churches and ministry partners. I’m saddened and confused by pastors who have previously taught through their faithful ministries to stand up against this very thing, yet who are choosing to go against their previous convictions and their interpretation of scripture in order to defend their longtime friendships. What?? Shouldn’t we be more afraid of being disloyal to God?

The tone and tenor of this argument on social media has been less than civil, and I don’t condone that, but the passion, to me, is justified when there is a future possibility in the United States of a husband forced to watch his wife and daughters raped before being beheaded, as is happening in Islamic States around the world. If the church doesn’t stand up against this satanic religion, it is possible and even likely that your grandchildren and their children will face certain death for believing in the gospel here in America. Wake up! Are you going to be fixated on how we talk to one another today if this happens tomorrow? Pay attention to the serious issues and don’t get side-tracked on pathetic Christian hobby-horses. Unfortunately, the bottom line is being heavily clouded by distraction from the enemy, causing people to focus on men rather than God, personalities rather than bottom line. This is exactly what Satan wants. To distract, to deflect from the main issue at hand is always his method. Why are we falling for it? Why are we lifting our favorite celebrity above our Lord and Savior? Why aren’t we asking what Scripture says, what God is saying??

Each one of us needs to decide what convictions to hold to based upon careful and honest study of scripture. At the end of the day, what matters most is bringing God glory and not compromising the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Truth is not changed by discussion or debate. I’m choosing truth. I’m choosing what God is teaching in His Word, firmly believing that this stand will bring the most honor to Christ. “May we never care what men say of us, so long as we walk in the light of God’s Word. May we strive and pray to be wholly independent of, and indifferent to man’s opinion, so long as we please God!” -JC Ryle, Warnings to the Churches


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