Is The U.S. Due To Experience Terrorist Attacks In The Near Future Due To The Open Border?

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  • Birth rates in America and worldwide are cratering, and nobody seems to know why, as they ignore the elephant in the room.
  • The nation’s largest property insurer is pulling out of California. We’ll explain why.
  • Best Buy is drastically reducing the size of its U.S. retail presence, closing dozens of stores over the next two years.
  • Black clergy in Boston are demanding a $15 billion reparations package to be paid for by white churches.
  • And a taxpayer-funded Colorado biolab that handles the world's deadliest viruses has suffered a shocking number of accidents in recent years. We’ll present some of the most egregious.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

According to HSBC Global Research, birth rates fell an astonishing 4.5% last year compared to an already low rate in 2022. 

The world's rapidly declining population will impose many challenges, from labor shortages to slowing growth in GDP, said James Pomeroy, top economist for HSBC Global.

He stated:

“You're probably talking 0.3, 0.4 percentage points per year in terms of GDP growth difference between a good birth rate scenario and bad birth rate scenario, and it looks like we're going down a bad birth rate scenario.”

While a smaller global population may create less demand for natural resources and ease housing shortages, with the prospect of fewer young people and far more retirees, this will come at a cost, Pomeroy says, adding: 

“We're going to have to think seriously about how we fund things used disproportionately by older populations.”

With a smaller labor force and weaker per capita growth, governments will still be stuck with a "very large bill to pay" as debt continues to accumulate. Pension services and healthcare systems may require new funding models, and he said migration will be critical to plugging gaps in the labor market.

Nothing was said as to the reasons for the declining population. I’m sure it has nothing to do with vaccines, or the record number of abortions being carried out in the U.S. and other nations. We just reported the abortion statistics in our previous broadcast. They included well over 1 million babies killed in their mothers’ wombs just last year alone.


The Western Journal reports that on March 20th, State Farm General Insurance Company announced in a news release that it will not renew insurance policies for approximately 72,000 property owners in California, prompting the state’s insurance commissioner, Ricardo Lara, to sound the alarm.

Lara told KABC-TV in Los Angeles that,  “This is a real crisis.”

According to the company’s news release, the loss of coverage will hit property owners this summer.

Beginning July 3rd, State Farm will non-renew insurance policies for approximately 30,000 homeowners and other property owners.

Then, on August 20th, the company will non-renew approximately 42,000 commercial apartment insurance policies.

All told, those 72,000 non-renewals account for more than 2 percent of the company’s total policies in the state, according to the release.

Remarkably, State Farm described its action as “California-specific.”

The company also pledged to work with state officials and the private sector to “establish an environment in which insurance rates are better aligned with risk.”

In other words, Bidenomics — inflation — and the liberal state’s regulatory regime have forced State Farm’s hand.

Lara, at least, recognized the state government’s mistakes and acknowledged that it cannot bully a company like State Farm.

Lara told KABC:

“Insurance companies are not like utility companies. By law, they don’t have to be here, and when we try to overregulate, we’ll see what happened after the Northridge earthquake, when the legislature came in and tried to overregulate, and they no longer write earthquake insurance in California.”


The woke retail giant Best Buy has announced the closure of 24 stores in 2024, with an additional 10-15 stores expected to shut down in the fiscal year 2025.

While the specific locations of the impending closures have not been disclosed, this decision is part of Best Buy’s broader efforts to adapt its retail footprint to the changing consumer shopping habits in an increasingly digital marketplace. As of now, Best Buy operates more than 1,000 stores across the United States.

Matt Bilunas, Best Buy’s Chief Financial Officer, said during an earnings call, according to ABC 7:

“In fiscal ’24, we closed 24 stores. And in fiscal ’25, we expect to close 10 to 15 stores. As our ongoing practice, we will continue to close existing traditional stores during our rigorous review of stores as their leases come up for renewal.”

According to ABC 7, “The retailer will close larger stores, and set up smaller stores with vibrant layouts in markets where it has no physical presence.”

For customers who prefer in-person shopping experiences, the closure of stores will limit their ability to see, touch, and test products before making a purchase. Although Best Buy is focusing on enhancing the customer experience through the introduction of smaller, more vibrant stores, the reduced number of locations may inconvenience customers who now have to travel further to reach a store.

The closure of stores directly affects employees working in those locations. Loss of jobs is a significant disadvantage, impacting the livelihood of individuals and potentially their communities. While some employees may be offered positions in other locations or in new smaller-format stores, not all will have this opportunity, leading to unemployment for some.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that O’Keefe Media Group dropped a story featuring a whistleblower from inside Best Buy who released screenshots of a training program.

A Citizen Journalist has revealed Best Buy is partnering with McKinsey & Company on a Management Training Program.

The program is not open to white applicants. 

The program is only for employees who “identify as Black, Latino, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander.”


A taxpayer-funded Colorado biolab that handles the world's deadliest viruses has suffered a shocking number of accidents in recent years. reports that documents show there were at least 50 incidents involving safety-control lapses at Colorado State University between 2020 and 2023, including workers who were bitten by a Covid-infected hamster, splashed in the face with blood from mice with tuberculosis and scratched by rabies-infected cats.

The reports were never disclosed to the public despite occurring at the height of the Covid pandemic, which many officials, including the FBI, suspect was borne out of a similar lab accident in China.

Experts slammed what they called a “disturbing lack of transparency” from the facility and warned it would only erode public trust in America's public health institutions.

The documents, which include meeting minutes, emails and internal reports, were obtained by FOIA requests by the campaign group the White Coat Waste Project and shared exclusively with

They show a pattern of accidents between May 2020 and July 2023 involving disease-ridden cats, rodents and bats that were never announced publicly and that infected researchers.

Officials blamed the increase in accidents on the stress of the pandemic causing staff to rush their work.

On two separate occasions in 2020, researchers working with hamsters infected with SARS-CoV-2 were bitten by the rodents and another contracted Zika virus after experimenting with infected mosquitoes.

An August 2022 report stated a researcher experimenting on a mouse infected with a highly infectious strain of tuberculosis was splashed in the face with contents of a syringe, which contained a solution and possibly the animal’s blood, while wearing only eye protection.

Multiple reports of bites and scratches by rabies-infected cats were discussed in the incident reports, and in late 2022, it was noted a bat infected with MERS-CoV had bitten a researcher while being put back in its cage.

Experts say the newly revealed documents raise serious safety concerns about the university's plan to construct a new bat lab later this year.

Dr. Bryce Nickels, co-founder of the nonprofit Biosafety Now and a genetics professor at Rutgers University, told “Dozens of laboratory accidents at CSU have become known only because of a public records request.”


Two investigative reporters I’ve interviewed many times, Michael Yon and Ann Vandersteel appeared on the Sunday Alex Jones Show to give their analysis on the terror attack in Moscow, and they predicted a future of similar terror attacks within the U.S. due to its open southern border.

Yon said it will get extremely bloody, and went on to discuss the factors involved in creating this storm of violent illegal aliens, stating:

“Insofar as the death-jabs go plus the clear famines that will be unfolding over time, there’s a long flash-to-bang on these famines, but they’re clearly coming, and that drives that human-osmotic-pressure. This is going to be an incredible war the likes of which humanity has never seen.”

Vandersteel discussed the brigades of Chinese soldiers who have been invading the U.S. through the open border as well as weapons caches stashed around the country. The Chinese, as we’ve reported here, are also training with AR-15’s and other weapons once they get here.

Vandersteel brought up something she and Yon have previously warned about on my show, Brannon Howse Live. She said:

“General Flynn has talked about how the Chinese right now have seven divisions of military age men in this country…we have containers stashed around the country with blue helmets, U.N. uniforms and then of course any other arsenal.”


The Gateway Pundit reports that black clergy in Boston are demanding a $15 billion reparations package paid for by white churches in the local area. 

The demands were made during a press conference at the Resurrection Lutheran Church, organized by the Boston People’s Reparations Commission, according to The Boston Globe.

Among the speakers was the Reverend Kevin Peterson, who previously led a campaign to rename the popular tourist site of Faneuil Hall because of the name’s links to a slaveowner.

Peterson declared:

“We call sincerely and with a heart filled with faith and Christian love for our white churches to join us and not be silent around this issue of racism and slavery and commit to reparations. We point to them in Christian love to publicly atone for the sins of slavery and we ask them to publicly commit to a process of reparations where they will extend their great wealth — tens of millions of dollars among some of those churches — into the black community.”

Also speaking at the event was Danielle Williams, the director of a social justice group called Prophetic Resistance Boston, who claims her great-great-grandmother was a slave in North Carolina.

She said:

“Black people, the descendants of slavery, have been washing the feet of our oppressors for well over 400 years. Now it’s time for you to wash our feet. The descendants of slavery, we want our reparations. We want it now.”

Another speaker, Rev. John E. Gibbons of Arlington Street Church, said that the commitment of various churches to research their links to slavery was not enough and that they must cough up money instead.

“That is not enough. Somehow, we need to move with some urgency toward action and so part of what we’re doing is to prod and encourage white churches to go beyond what they have done thus far.”

The Task Force have now sent a letter, signed by 16 religious leaders, to churches asking for their support and compliance with their demands. 

Boston’s Democratic Mayor Michelle Wu first approved the launch of the city’s Reparations Task Force back in February, joining San Francisco in entertaining the prospect of reparations payments to black people, regardless of whether their ancestors were slaves.


The deep state is at war with “America and the American people.” 

Those are the words of General Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser to former President Donald Trump, spoken during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday

General Flynn previewed his upcoming documentary film.

The movie, Flynn: Deliver the Truth. Whatever the Cost, details how the Deep State went after Flynn, and the story, he said, is really two parts.

Flynn told Breitbart the first part is autobiographical, his life story and service to his country, and how he rose to the levels he reached.

The second part is about the persecution and how he survived it.

He told the outlet:

“Really, it’s a story of survival. And it’s a story of hope.”

Flynn said he exposes things in the film that he has never talked about before publicly.

When asked why the deep state chose to go after him, Flynn noted that “they’re not just at war with Donald Trump. They’re at war with America and the American people. So I want to sort of emphasize that.”

After all of his public service, which included five years in combat overseas fighting against foreign enemies, Flynn said he realized, “The biggest enemies that I faced were right here at home.”


A New York appeals court on Monday lowered the bond amount that former President Donald Trump must pay as he appeals the $464 million judgment in his civil fraud trial, saying he can put up just $175 million within 10 days. 

The 11th-hour deal temporarily prevents New York Attorney General Letitia James from moving to seize Trump’s assets. In Trump’s hush money trial, Judge Juan Merchan says jury selection can begin on April 15. 


Indeed, that is a ton of cash. We’ll see where this goes from here.


The Daily Wire reports that the Department of Health and Human Services will spend nearly $800,000 taxpayer dollars in an effort to curtail the effects of “structural racism” on chronic kidney disease by applying Critical Race Theory to the field of health.

The whopping sum of $790,955 will be allocated to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, to support the institution’s attempt to “mitigate the effects of structural racism on chronic kidney disease disparities among African Americans.”

The researchers claim that the current treatment regimen for chronic kidney disease, or CDK, “fails to attend to the role of structural racism,” citing “racial disparities.”

The grant description goes on to explain that researchers will use “public health critical race practice, a public health framework that addresses change through an anti-racism lens.” Public health critical race praxis, which has been referenced in academic articles, focuses on “race consciousness,” the “primacy of racialization,” “race as a social construct,” and the “ordinariness of racism.”

The push to embed Critical Race Theory into the federal government comes as the Biden administration has institutionalized the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) agenda throughout the federal agencies that make up the executive branch.

The HHS-backed study hypothesizes that “comprehensive systems change implemented through an anti-racism lens will improve access to all steps of care along the CKD continuum among African American patients, thereby decreasing existing racial inequities.”


Time now for our nightly Worldview Report commentary.

The Exposé reports that one week before the World Health Assembly is due to meet, more than 100 high-profile people have signed an open letter to leaders of WHO member-states calling for an urgent agreement on a pandemic accord. 

The letter states:

“An agreement is meant to be reached just two and a half months from now – countries imposed a deadline of May 2024, in time for the 77th World Health Assembly.”

The letter further states:

“As countries now enter what should be the final stages of the negotiations, they must ensure that they are agreeing on actions which will do the job required: to prevent and mitigate pandemic threats. We urge solutions which ensure both speed in reporting and sharing pathogens, and in access – in every country – to sufficient tools like tests and vaccines to protect lives and minimize harm.”

That says it all. They want the power to demand when a nation or group of nations must sink back into the hysteria of a public health emergency, which allows them to suspend any laws or constitutional protections that may be in place, like we saw during the Covid plandemic, where the government and corporations worked together to demand everyone submit to continuous testing, lockdowns, and then get injected with harmful mRNA so-called vaccinations. It’s been proven now, well beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these shots are toxic and have been causing all sorts of deadly and debilitating health problems.

No thank you. But this new power transfer to the United Nations – yes the WHO is part of the United Nations – is being supported by the U.S. deep state, along with the corresponding deep states in the U.K., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and of course China.

In total, 107 people signed the letter.  Signatories include 16 Club of Madrid members, 9 Global Leadership Foundation members, and a variety of academics and former politicians, including former UK prime ministers Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

The WHO will hold its annual World Health Congress May 27 through June 1, with the top priority being to pass both a new pandemic treaty, also referred to as an accord, along with dozens of amendments to the existing International Health Regulations.

We urge you to call your members of Congress and the Senate to demand that both of these instruments be brought up for a legislative vote, not just approved unilaterally by the corrupt Biden administration.

Because if these international accords pass, they will supersede U.S. laws and constitutional protections. That’s how they’re viewed by the globalist collaborators and that’s how they will be enforced.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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